wish list: vintage office supplies

I have a soft spot for vintage office supplies. Truth be told, they need not even be vintage for me to love them. There is a reason why I do my office supply shopping online: so I don’t buy up the entire Staples store!

I found all three of these “must haves” for my studio on Etsy. The vintage green clip board would look awesome hanging on the wall in my studio with the day’s “to do” items listed. The vintage rubber stamp caddy would be nice to have, too. Right now all my stamps are piled in a giant jar, which is pretty inconvenient (J: this would improve studio efficiency AND look cool!).

Is it just me, or do these vintage paper clips look a little dangerous? I am constantly running out of paper clips (I use them more than staples because my pressman likes to spread proofs out, not have them stuck together). So I neeeeed these, right?

Photos from each Etsy shop. Clip board: Ephemera and More; Stamp holder: Vintage Rerun; Vintage paper clips: DotDotDotShop.

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