customize it yourself: jewelry color bar

My kind of DIY is CIY (Customize It Yourself). While I truly love the idea of DIY, I don’t actually have the time (or the skill) to do most projects myself. I prefer to leave most things to the experts. Which, basically, is why I came up with the customizer technology on our own Delphine website (we provide templates, you tweak the colors, fonts, designs until it’s perfect for you … then we professionally print your designs).

Sooooo, when I saw this Kendra Scott Jewelry Color Bar (via Always a Blogsmaid) I was in LOVE! The basic design templates are fabulous, the colors are lovely, the options are endless, and the prices are sweet, too (just $60 for the earrings I “designed” above). Of course Kendra also offers already designed, beautiful jewelry as well. These are on my wishlist.


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