coveted: a little bit of luxury

Although I appreciate posh things, my life is anything but. Lately, I’ve been craving a bit of luxury.

No. 1: Green handbag by Cole Haan, perfect for toteing files and swatches around town  No. 2: Pretty white pen from Sam Flax South, lovely for writing up orders   No. 3:  Chic champagne coupe from Kate Spade, for sipping my favorite champagne cocktails  No. 4: Dark chocolate from Vosges, because it has the most interesting and delicious flavors  No. 5: A bottle of Taittinger, because it reminds me of our wedding day   No. 6: Men’s fragrance from Chanel, so sexy.


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One Response to coveted: a little bit of luxury

  1. I'll take one of each, please! :) I also adore those Kate Spade champagne saucers! {A}

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