week in review

This photo pretty much sums up the week … hammering away. What will you be doing this weekend? I’ll be finishing up some designs for a series of gift bags (a collaboration with another stationer … details to come soon), planning for a big November beach photo shoot with my friends Adrianne Smith Floral Design and Bixby & Ball, going over the details of a business launch with a friend, reviewing tons and tons of intern files, uploading a portfolio to another new business launching next week (y’all are going to LOVE it), going to Brand You seminar, touring a private school (looking for somewhere new to send our little star student), and finally finishing (hopefully) the makeover in our son’s bedroom. Sleep doesn’t seem to be in the plans. Ugh.

In case you missed it, here’s what happend on the blog this week:

• We peeked into Delphine intern Courtney Fone’s head to see what inspires her (Paris!)
• A wish list masqueraded as an inspiration board for our son’s bedroom makeover
• A cool statement necklace, lovely for a wedding day, or any day
• The scoop on the Brand You seminar I’ll be attending this weekend (I think a few seats are still available)
• Top 10 trends in holiday cards and Thanksgiving traditions: Delphine in the press

• We have a new DELPHINE FACEBOOK page. Be a dear and click over to check it out

 photo by John Arquette

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