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Peaceful Weekend Wishes

Johns Island South Carolina Peaceful Weekend at the Beach or Salt Marsh via DelphineIt’s starting to feel a teensy bit like Fall here in Charleston, so I’m hoping to make it out to the beach one last time before the chill settles in. Wishing all of you a peaceful weekend. Cheers!

// photo: Erika Firm |  Delphine

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Authentic, Modern Hand Lettered Sign

Battle of Charleston hand lettered sign 2012Hand lettered Battle of Charleston 2012 Sign I’m not exactly sure what The Battle of Charleston is all about. I’m envisioning a bunch of crazies dressed up in Confederate uniforms, spitting tobacco and drinking whisky. But I’m totally intrigued and have to go check this out.

This sign is beyond amazing. It’s new but looks like it has been around for ages. It’s hand-lettered, not made to look hand lettered. Every line is a different font. LOVE! It’s nailed to the side of a shack. I saw it and literally pulled the car off the side of the road so I could inspect it more closely.


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Hot Air Balloons

blue sky day hot air balloonTuesdays are photo shoot days. It’s such a great break from sitting at the computer all day. But booooo, it’s cloudy and icky this morning, so I’m not sure how much shooting we’ll get to do. Wishing it was a blue sky day, like last Sunday, when we went to the pumpkin patch near Rancho Santa Fe, California and were surprised to see hot air balloons launching in the field next to the pumpkin patch parking lot. The pink one actually hit our car as it was filling up!

pumpkin patch balloons

neon hot air balloonsDon’t you love the neon pink balloon? The color combo of neon pink with bright yellow, hot red and black is so cool.

//photos by Erika Firm


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Treehouse Wishes

backyard treehouseIt’s been another crazy busy week here at the Delphine studio. I’m hoping the weather will warm up a bit so I can sneak off with a book to my son’s backyard treehouse. Wishing you a carefree weekend!

//photo: Erika Firm

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Bedroom renovation update: yellow to gray

bedroom goes from yellow to gray bedroom paint yellow and gray bedroom after We’re busier than ever at the studio, so why should it be any different at home? who needs to rest? We’ve been working on redecorating our bedroom these past few weeks (every night, any available minute not working on client projects weekends). What do you think so far? I’m SOOO happy to finally be rid of the dijon mustard walls —and ceiling. John repainted in a beautiful light gray color: Martha Stewart Gray Goose paint.

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Neighborhood S’mores Party

S'mores Party Invitation

S'mores Party Napkins

S'mores Party marshmallow on fire

S'mores Family Erika Firm John ArquetteS'mores Party FireA few weeks ago, just before school started, John and I invited the neighborhood kids (and their parents) over for a S’mores Party. It was a hot sticky mess, but also a ridiculous amount of fun.

I designed fun brown and white S’mores party invitations, as well as a few party accessories like brown cocktail napkins, but that’s as fancy as it got — overall the party was super low key. My dad made brats and we had a wagon full of beer, the kids ran around the yard playing tag, and patiently waited for dark so we could make s’mores. One of our neighbors brought over homemade marshmallows drizzled with caramel (we ate most of them before the fire was hot!).

Some s’mores party tips: 1. Buy cheap wood dowels at the hardware store for disposable s’mores sticks.   2. Keep a box of wet wipes nearby to help little ones get “unsticky.”   3. Put each ingredient in its own big jar with wide mouth, for easy access.   4. If you want to try something a little fancy: replace the Hershey’s bar with a Reese’s Cup. Trust me on this one.

//Top 3 photos by Erika Firm; bottom photos by Jessica Davis Photography

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Hooray for Long Weekends

hooray for long weekendsHello friends. I Hope you are enjoying yourself this long holiday weekend. Take some time to relax, okay? I’m trying to follow my own advice and am planning an afternoon at the beach with friends Sunday, and brunch by the pool on Labor Day.

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Trend Spot: Neon at the Farmer’s Market

trend spotting neon colorsEverywhere I go these days I see neon, even at the Farmer’s Market. It’s a trend that I think has been trying to poke its way in for several years now. A little goes a long way: a neutral outfit with a single pop of neon is the way to go, I think. When I was a kid fluorescent was all the rage — I remember wearing neon green socks with my black stirrup pants and black Reebok high tops and an off the shoulder sweatshirt (ripped at the collar, of course). I recently bought myself some neon pink nail polish for my toes but haven’t had 5 minutes to sit down and try it out yet. Have you incorporated any neon into your life lately?

watermelon strawberry juice at Rancho Santa Fe Farmer's Market Delicious watermelon and strawberry juice at the Rancho Santa Fe Farmer’s Market. Don’t you love those neon drinking straws? And the cups of fruit sticks — perfect finger food for hot summer days. Replace the red “go cups” with simple glass ones, and I think it would be a pretty and perfect cocktail hour nibbles for a wedding.

french baskets in neon colors For my wishlist: the neon green French basket. I think it would make a stylish beach bag.

squash blossomsEven the squash blossoms were neon at the market. They were so crazy bright they seemed fake and I will admit I poked them to be sure they were real (they were).

//photos: Erika Firm

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summer plan: a s’mores party

// photo: Jennifer Dery

We’re planning a little backyard get together this Saturday for the neighborhood kids … just ‘cause. S’mores will be the star ingredient to the shindig. When I told my 7yo he got so excited he started clapping his hands and jumping up and down with pure joy in his eyes.

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field trip: birch aquarium in la jolla

Our first grader is on “ski week” vacation. Why they don’t call it President’s Day vacation is beyond me. But I digress …

It’s one of the busiest times of the year at the Delphine studio, so we couldn’t take time off for a proper vacation. Nor do we ski. Chilliness and I don’t mix very well. Instead, John and I are taking turns taking half-days off with our little one this week for a “staycation” in San Diego. We’re super lucky to live in a city where other people love to visit — there’s lots to do here. We decided this is the year we’re going to actually take some time out to enjoy our back yard! Hopefully we’ll find time to take some time together as a whole family to enjoy it all together soon.

It’s Museum Month in San Diego, so we went to pick up our half-price museum pass at Macy’s on the way to our first museum trip this week. We were super sad that they are all out of passes! Major bummer. We decided to press on anyway, and visited the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, California yesterday.

This giant wolf eel looked super grumpy!

This gigantic fish tank is home to some pretty huge fish, including some that seemed larger than my kid! 

The little suckers on the octopus and starfish are really amazing up close. I also like this red and pink color combination. Inspiration strikes me in some of the strangest places!

My favorite tank is the reef tank, because it reminds me of snorkeling with my family in the Florida Keys. 

These sea plants remind me of fern botanical prints. Love the shapes here.

Hard to beat this view! The Birch Aquarium is available to rent out for special occasions like weddings and corporate parties. I’ve been to a few wedding industry events here.

We had a fabulous visit, and Alexander told me “this is one of the best days ever.” Awwwww. Just that made it worth it! 

All photos: Erika Firm

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