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Dear Delphine, How do I incorporate my fiancé’s military rank into our wedding invitation?

Dear Delphine Stationery Etiquette and Tips

Dear Delphine,
My fiancé is a Marine. How do we incorporate his rank into the invitation? Should it be abbreviated? Does it go under his name?

Thanks for your advice,
Jessica M.
Jacksonville, FL

Dear Jessica,
The traditional way to incorporate a military rank is like this:

Full Rank Full Name, Military Branch

First Lieutenant John Arquette, United States Marine Corps
First Lieutenant John Arquette, USMC

To save space, it is okay to abbreviate the military branch. It is also okay to split the name into two lines (Full Rank Full Name on first line — Military Branch on second line).

Rank should be spelled out in full whenever possible. This same protocol should be followed when addressing envelopes to members of the military.

I married a Marine, too! USMC weddings are fun. Tip from experience: order extra booze.

Warm regards,


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Veteran’s Day

Veteran's Day 11/11/11Today is Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed for our country! And special props to all the parents, spouses & children who stay behind while their loved ones serve.

In our household there are two vets. My dad was in the Coast Guard during Vietnam era, and John was a Marine in the late 1990s. I asked both of them what they think the best way to honor veterans is, and they had a few suggestions. They both immediately thought of those currently serving, not just vets.

1. Support the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids injured service members. Please consider a donation.

2. The next time you’re doing errands pick up a few extra things to send to Any Marine. A package of socks, a fun magazine, some snacks, ziplock bags and some baby wipes … keep a box in your pantry and ship it off when it gets filled.

3. Clean out your closet and donate to the AmVets thrift stores.

4. Write a veteran a note to thank them for their service.

Oh, and PS, Happy Birthday, Marines!

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