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Hello, 2013! Happy New Year

January 2013 Letterpress Desk Calendar by DelphineWhoa. Hello, 2013!!! Wishing all of you a fabulous New Year! It’s going to be awesome!!!

Oh, and yes, that is our new 2013 desk calendar. It’s a super limited edition (fewer than 100 were printed, and we have about 30 left). They are the same size as always (4.25in x 5.5in), so if you have an easel from years past it will fit perfectly. Most pages are letterpressed, a few are flat printed. They are $22 (easel not included). If you’d like to order one please shoot an email over to erika at delphinepress dot com.

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candied orange peel gifts

It’s rainy and dreary outside here at the Delphine studio, but inside it’s cozy and warm as John and I package up last minute holiday gifts for friends of the studio. This year we picked oranges from the backyard and made candied orange peels. Mmmm. To make them I peeled the orange skins, blanched them, then boiled them in fresh water for an hour to soften, scraped away any remaining pith, simmered them in sugar syrup for an hour, then sanded them with sugar. Super delicious with a cup of espresso, which is how we plan on enjoying any leftovers.

I used our vintage Royal typewriter (a Christmas gift from John 11 years ago — he found it covered in dust in the corner of an antique shop in New Bern, North Carolina and restored it for me) to type labels for the packages of candied orange peel.

I was clickety-clacking so fast that John came in from the next room to tell me, “wow, you would have been a great secretary.” Humph.


I packaged the candied orange peels up in cute pale green party favor boxes I got from Michael’s a few years ago (by Martha Stewart). They are leftover from a baby shower I helped plan.

I saved about 3 cups of syrup that the oranges were simmering in. I think it would be yummy added to some sparkling water (or to a vodka martini). Any other ideas on how I can use it?

All photos by Erika Firm ©DELPHINE.

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