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Wish List for my Alter Ego

christmas wish list for erika's alter egoI’ve been so busy at the studio that I hardly noticed the entire Fall season swoosh by in a flash. We don’t have a television in our bedroom, so I watch a lot of HBOgo. I’m so bummed that the Bored to Death season is over already! Sidenote: I recently met a man who is a dead ringer for Ray’s character. True story … during an important, albeit impromptu, meeting he wandered away from the group to stretch. Someone asked him what he was doing stretching during an important meeting and he said, “I’m not stretching, I’m practicing my gay throw. If I just move your hand like this I can look gay, but I have to practice.” Ummmmm, no words.

Inspired by Jonathan on Bored to Death, here are some goodies my alter-ego would love: No. 1 Versace for H&M leather studded jacket   No. 2 Duotone glasses from Warby Parker   No. 3  Shiny & bright orange rain boots from Cole Haan   No. 4 Nearly neon ring from Pomeletto    No. 5 Skinny cords with zippers à la 1985 from Anthropologie   No. 6 Shiny green-blue “henley regatta” Butter nail polish    No. 7  A faux leopard trapper hat (J. Crew) to keep my ears warm.

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vera wang & david’s bridal

Brides on a budget everywhere, rejoice. Vera Wang has just launched a stunning collection of gowns with David’s Bridal. How romantic is that blush pink gown? Bravo, Vera and David!

photos from David’s Bridal website

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bhldn launch

The geniuses over at Urban Outfitters (you know, the people responsible for all your favorite shops: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Terrain) launched a new concept store today called BHLDN (pronounced Beholden), a bridal boutique.

It’s full of beautiful frocks and bridal accessories. I’m sure you’ve seen sneak peeks all over the blogosphere (so jealous of my friends who got to see the sneak peek in person!), but today the BHLDN website is officially live, and it does not dissapoint.

I grew up surrounded by French women, so it’s no surprise that my lingerie drawer has nary a pair of plain panties. I love all the beautiful lace in BHLDN’s lingerie department.

All photos from BHLDN.

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geek chic for 2011 design & blog conferences

Normally at this time of year I’d be starting to freak out about trade shows. Atlanta just passed, NYIGF is going on right about now, and the National Stationery Show is coming up in just a few months. In years past, I’d be a hot mess right now, trying to finish up collections, make travel arrangements, scrape together pennies, design my booth, and schedule meetings on the other side of the country, all the while juggling running my business, design projects, and family life.

This year I’ve decided to take time off from the shows. That’s right: Delphine will not be exhibiting this year. A lot of factors went into this decision, but the major one was my sanity. I was a little worried that I would feel left out as the tweets started pouring in from Atlanta and NYIGF, but instead I just feel relief. I really can honestly say that I don’t miss the shows at all. I do miss seeing my friends, but the shows themselves: nope.

Not doing the shows left me with time to fill my calender with some of the things I’ve always wanted to do: like enjoy lectures and design conferences. This year quite a few are right here in San Diego (BlogHer, Engage11, and my favorite conference: the Y Conference). I haven’t decided if I’ll go to all three yet, but for sure I’ll be at two of them.

In preparation for the Y Conference, I am hoping to splurge on a few things I’ve been needing wanting for a while now: 1} a brand new field note book from russell+hazel, and 2} a bright yellow Caran D’ache pen to record all the genius things I learn at the lectures. Nobody will want to be near me if I’m not properly caffeinated, so 3} a new yellow travel mug for coffee (Crate and Barrel) is in order. I swear we used to have a dozen travel mugs and they’ve all managed to disappear. Does that happen at your house? Where do all the travel mugs go?  It has been a few years since I got a new pair of glasses, and I’m totally in love with everything about 4} these Warby Parker frames.

It can get chilly in lecture halls, so a bright yet cozy scarf like 5} this lightweight yellow and white scarf from J. Crew would be lovely to have stashed in 7} a chic and understated waxed canvas tote bag (also from J. Crew). John, I can hear you … and the answer is no, it is NOT POSSIBLE to have too many tote bags. Besides, I don’t have anything as cool as this one. For real.  When attending design conference, there are almost always swag stations sponsor rooms. For these, it is imperitive to have a supply of up to date business cards. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to hand a new friend a fresh card from a 8} swanky metallic leather business card holder, not a beat up one from the bottom of your tote bag that’s covered in gum, pen marks or cracker crumbs. It goes without saying that 9} new shoes—stylish but comfy ones by Tom’s—would be super nice to have, too.

A friend has convinced me to join the Greeting Card Association. I was on the fence about it, until I realized that the annual conference will be in 6} Austin this year. My two best friends in the whole world live there, (surpise R + D! I’m coming to visit this summer at long last).

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style file: sexy valentine’s day outfit

Sexy Valentine’s Day outfit: {1} Sleeveless white blouse with ruffles from Ann Taylor  {2} Pretty pink and nude lace panties from Nordstrom  {3} Diamond heart necklace from Robbins Brothers  {4} Super sexy pink suede high heels by YSL from Nordstrom  {5} Plain and simple, well fitting blue jeans from Levis  {6} Classic pale pink nail polish by Scotch.

I don’t recall ever going out on a date on Valentine’s Day. But if I did, I’d wear an understated, simple and sexy outfit like this. Okay, so the shoes aren’t so understated, but they are classic, right? I reallllly want them. I think the simplest outfit, like classic Levis, a pretty white shirt (with some ruffles for Valentine’s Day) and a great pear of heels, is the sexiest.

Normally I’m totally against any cheesy heart jewelry, but I make the exception for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Tip for the guys: keep it as understated as possible when it comes to heart jewelry. I like the look of a simple diamond heart necklace.

We will stay home for Valentine’s Day. Boring, I know. I’ll probably make some cookies or cupcakes with our son — he loves pink frosting. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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wish list: outfit for a zen workout

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution type of girl. Never have been. However, January really does feel like a good time to re-dedicate myself to one of my true loves: working out. My very first job, where I actually got a paycheck, was at a gym. I feel really comfortable at a gym. I’m not one of those gym rats, who hang out all day and chit chat. In fact, I’ve been going to my current gym for about six months and have yet to say more than about 10 words to anyone. I like solitude in my workouts. One of the things that annoys me the most in life is people who talk during workout classes. My favorite workout used to be swimming (go figure) but these days I just don’t have the time. My mom introduced me to spin classes, and I’m hooked. Although it’s a class environment, it’s truly a solitary type of feeling I get in that class. I usually close my eyes during much of the workout, so it’s peaceful, like swimming.

Here are a few items on my wish list … things that would make my workout a little more chic, a little more comfy, a little more cool: Green jacket from Athleta; Shimano cycle shoes from Zappos; cute graphic grey tank top from Old Navy; capri workout pants from Old Navy; ta ta tamer bra from lululemon; and a pretty AND functional water bottle with filter right in it by Bobble (designed by Karim Rashid) from A+R Store.

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statement necklace

Mémé Delphine’s favorite store is Talbots. (She pronounces it “Tal-bo,” which makes it sound so chic). So I have spent many hours sitting in the “husband” chair waiting for her. But next time I’m in there I am going to head over to the accessories department, because I see that they have some very cool, hip necklaces, like the pretty one shown above. I like the understated hues, paired with not-too-shiny gold. It’s chunky, but not crazy heavy looking.

Choosing a statement piece of jewelry for your wedding day is tricky — look for something that reflects your personality, isn’t too trendy, and will stand the test of time. I particularly like something that you can dress down, and wear with a white shirt and jeans. Every time I wear my wedding day necklace I think of the first time I wore it, and how amazing that day was.

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stripes (yes, again)

So you may have noticed I have a thing for stripes. I’m seeing them everywhere lately. Usually they just show up in “Resort” collections, but this year they are lasting into winter. These four are some of my favorites: Top left: Stripe long sleeve shirt from Chance; top right: stripe wool sweater from Target; bottom right: stripe cardigan from Aerie;  bottom left: stripe hoodie from J. Crew

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1 2 3 …

I really am not sure what I would store in these jars (from Target), but somehow I know I need them for my studio. I know numerals are a bit trendy right now. But I don’t care. Love them!

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wish list: fall uniform

When I was in high school I HATED having to wear my uniform. But now, the idea doesn’t seem so bad. If I had a fall uniform, I think it would look something like this:

Jeggings (! did you even know that’s a word? I just learned it) from AllSaints; comfy-chic lace and zip boots by 9West; perfect white shirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs; and an effortless charcoal scarf by Gucci.

Add in some cool Ray Ban shades, a classic Baum & Mercier watch, and a nice Chloé bag and I’d be ready for anything. A girl can dream, right?

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