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stocking stuffer: mini calendar

Sub-Studio’s first ever calendar is genius! The mini size (2.25″ x 3.75″) will fit in my wallet so I can keep those pesky dates straight. And the mini price ($5) will not cause my wallet to seize up.

Inspirational phrases are on the front of each calendar. Here are my favorites:

Don’t panic.
Take the chance while you still have the choice.
Be brave enough to live creatively.
Change your luck today.
Originality overcomes everything.
Good luck is the result of good planning.

You can choose your own saying ($5) or leave it to chance & let Sub-Studio pick for you ($4).

If you like Sub-Studio’s calendars you’ll probably also like Orange Beautiful‘s inspiring Gocco art prints. I have the “Do Something About It” print hanging in my studio.

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client (and store) we love: orange & pear

all gifts shown available at orangeandpear.com

When Jennifer came to me asking for help with a logo for her new business I was intrigued. She promised a “fresh perspective on gift giving.” Interesting, but possible?. She said her favorite colors are green and orange. Yes, yes. My favorite, too. Go on. Please add shades of grey, she said. No more brown … happy dance. She said it would be the END of boring hostess gifts. Hmmm. Really? She was so sincere, so lovely, so darn NICE. So I spent hours sketching and playing with type, tweaking and improving, until I designed a fun, sweet, colorful logo for her. I had a blast working on this logo with her … all the while I had yet to see nary a peek at her website, which was still in the works.

But guess what? She delivered!!! Not a one ordinary gift to be found on her site– everything is carefully curated. Perfectly wonderful. It’s the end of boring hostess gifts for real! Yay! Congratulations, Jennifer, on the successful launch of your shop: Orange and Pear.

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