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Crystallized Color Palette

crystal bead color paletteLast weekend I went to the Gem Faire at the Del Mar Fairgrounds with Mom. I picked up a few strands of crystals and beads. Can’t wait to show you what she makes for me. I’m particularly excited about the big natural crystals (the white ones that look like rocks). I’m going to have so many shiny and sparkly new necklaces that I will just have to find reasons to leave the studio so I can wear them.

I think the vendors at the show (which is open to the public, by the way … you don’t need to have a wholesale license) picked up on the colors of my outfit—comfy jeans, grey sweater, pale green + taupe purse, neutral accessories—and kept showing me strands of the same color beads. It totally worked: I liked their suggestions and they made sales. It’s a great tip to remember when you’re exhibiting at a trade show: make suggestions to buyers. As a buyer, shows are totally overwhelming. A little nudge in the right direction is welcome in my book.

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