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Turquoise and Black Edge Painted Letterpress Business Cards

black edge painted letterpress business cards for chloe aftel photographer by delphineEvery time Chloe Aftel calls I know the project is going to be special. This time around she asked us for a “pop of kick ass color” to go with her “rad new logo.” (Yes, she’s from LA). We delivered with shocking electric turquoise edge painted business cards.

chloe aftel photographer letterpress turquoise edge painted business cards by delphineI think the new branding is a spot on match to her photography style: powerful and slightly dreamy. The image at right is one of my personal favorites. It was part of a stellar collection commissioned by Levis. Please note: the crappy photos in this post are by me, not the super talented lady we’re discussing here. 

turquoise edge painted letterpress business cards for chloe aftel photographer by delphineThese letterpress cards are killer, right?! We printed them with our super super dark blackest black ink for a sharp, crisp impression; Reich Paper’s ultra thick SAVOY paper in brilliant white; tight edge painting on every.single.card; and lots and lots of clean white space.

I’d like to pause for a shout out to all our photographer clients for understanding the power of white space. We looooove youuuuu! 

Now go grab a bottle of wine and dive into Chloe’s portfolio and blog. Down, down the rabbit hole you go … enjoy!

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Delphine featured in Romantic Homes June 2013

Delphine in the press Romantic Homes June 2013A while back I teamed up with some super talented San Diego friends to produce a lovely inspiration shoot. Styled by Adrianne Smith and yours truly, photographed by Jennifer Dery, and first published on Cyd’s blog, The Sweetest Occasion, it was picked up again by Romantic Homes and appeared in their pages earlier this summer.

Delphine in the press Romantic Homes June 2013

To see all the pics, check out the original post. Thanks so much to everyone involved in this amazing shoot!

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Introducing Santa Barbara Wedding Invitation

introducing santa barbara wedding invitations by delphinenew design by delphine santa barbaraIt was a rainy day here at our Charleston studio, but we managed to sneak in a few photos between rain drops of our brand new design. A little bit vintage, a lot pretty … I’m pleased to announce that our new Santa Barbara invitation is now live on Delphine! Inspired by, you guessed it, Santa Barbara, California. It would be great for a fancy barn wedding or rustic ranch wedding, don’t you think? With twinkly lights and sparkly drinks and lace gowns and maybe even some cowboy boots.



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Cutest Halloween Costumes

Lizard Halloween Costume photo by Jessica Davis

I just cannot get enough of these cute little munchkins dressed up for Halloween. It’s Jessica Davis‘ favorite holiday of the year, and it really shows in her photos. This year I was chatting with her about Alexander’s costume idea, and she convinced me to make costumes for John and me, too. So I’m going to blame her for my lack of sleep as I stay up all night tonight sewing and gluing.

Strong Man Halloween Costume Photo by Jessica DavisOcean halloween Costumes Octopus Lobster and Mermaid Photo by Jessica DavisCircus performer Halloween costume Photo by Jessica DavisCowboy Halloween Costume Photo by Jessica DavisAll photos by Jessica Davis Photography.


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I Love Turquoise

I Love the Color TurquoiseI do love the color turquoise so so much. Turquoise reminds me of happy days sailing, snorkeling, and lounging about with my family.  Green is my absolute most favorite color in the world, but turquoise is a close second. It’s the color right next to green on the color wheel, so it’s no surprise that I love it so.  Looks lovely paired with gold accents, don’t you think?

Some beauties representing my fave color of the moment: No. 1 Cotton taffeta J. Crew strapless party dress in fresh emerald   No. 2 Pretty Elva Fields  ”Keeping Them Close” turquoise triple strand necklace with gold accents   No. 3  “Slapper” turquoise Butter nail polish  for my toes  No. 4  Preppy Sperry Top-Siders in pretty aqua (reminds me of my preppy middle school days)    No. 5  beautiful photo of SoCal lifeguard tower by the super talented friend Jessica Davis. 

By the way, this is an example of one of the type of posts students will be learning how to create today at Camp Delphine! 


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Camp Delphine Workshop Registration Open

camp delphine workshop february 2 20122012 is going to be a big year for Delphine! First, we launched our shiny new website (woot!). Now, I’m announcing a new Delphine Studio workshop series! I do hope you’ll join me and the fabulously talented Jessica Davis next month for a workshop about Photoshop for blogging.

PHOTOSHOP WORKSHOP: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 10am – 2pm. Session will include a coffee break and lunch break

LOCATION: Jessica Davis Photography Studio, 124 E. Cliff Street, Solana Beach (studio is on ground floor of building)

+ how to crop a photo and size for web
+ how to do basic color correction
+ how to add a border to a photograph
+ how to make a collage/inspiration board
+ how to use a psd template
+ how to add type to a photograph
+ how to add texture to a photograph
+ how to save artwork for web
+ how to add a watermark to a photo
+ how to remove a background on a photo
+ how to convert a photo from color to b/w or sepia
+ how to use photoshop brushes
+ resources for freebies/downloads that you can use on your blog
+ inspiration resources/list of fave blogs
+ photoshop cheat sheet/shortcuts
+ q&a


+ apple laptop with PHOTOSHOP installed.  You can download a free trial on the Adobe website if you don’t already have it. 
+ pen + note book
+ power cord for your computer
We will be working on an Apple laptop with Photoshop CS5

COST: $150 per person (includes lunch and drinks). Please bring cash or a check payable to Erika Firm. PayPal also accepted.

INSTRUCTORS: Erika Firm and Jessica Davis

SPECIAL REQUESTS: If there are other topics you’d like Jessica + I to go over please let us know. We’ll do our best to get to everything.

RSVP: Class size is limited to 12 students. Please reserve a seat by emailing erika [at] delphinepress [dot] com
If you have any questions and/or want to be sure the class is right for you please let me know. I’m looking forward to the class!

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Pépé’s Antique Gold Pocket Watch

antique gold pocket watch propWe’re doing some major site upgrades over on Delphinepress.com. A major part of that is new photographs. We’ve been super busy for months styling photos. One of the props we’ve been using is my Pépé (grandpa) Giovanni’s antique gold pocket watch.

I just realized a few days ago that the monogram on the watch is not his (or my grandmother’s). I wonder if it was his father’s? Or perhaps it was won in a crazy poker game? My Pépé loved playing cards!

The clock side opens, but the other side, where a photo goes, is stuck shut. I’m DYING to open it but am afraid to force it. I’m going to take it to a jeweler to see if they can open it for me. I can’t wait to see the photo inside.

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