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Newport Stripes Anchor Note Cards | Haute off the Press

Newport Yellow Stripes Red Stripes Anchor Personal Stationery Notecard by DelphineSummer is almost over, but I am still loving this fun and preppy Newport Stripes note card and calling card set from our personal stationery collection. Stripes and anchors never go out of season … just bring on the foul weather gear!

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Giveaway: Five sets of 100 Business Cards by Delphine

Giveaway 100 Custom Business Cards by Delphine

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! We’re giving away a set of 100 business/calling cards from the Delphine collection of personal stationery to FIVE lucky bloggers!

I’m slowly recovering from Alt Summit envy, but now SXSW envy, Blissdom envy and the rest are setting in. There are so many amazing events coming up for bloggers! Even though I’d love to be a conference junkie, my calendar is already overflowing with projects and deadlines. There is just no possible way for me to attend everything I want to attend.

I’m going to stalk conference attendees on Twitter live vicariously through all you bloggers who are living the dream & attending fun conferences. Near the very top of my “to pack” list for conferences, right next to comfy flats, cool new pen, and aspirin, is “big stack of business cards.” So I’ve decided to give 5 winners sets of 100 business cards from the Delphine collection of personal stationery.

Here are the rules: Use the handy “Rafflecopter” widget to enter. Leave a comment with the conference you’re attending this year, your favorite Delphine business card design (check them all out here), and the ink colors you’d choose (play with our exclusive customizer to pick your faves). Using our fun customizer, you’ll be able to see what your cards will look like ahead of time. (Don’t worry, if you win you can always change your mind and order something different). Of course also leave your name, name of your blog and email so we can get in touch with the winners. Deadline to enter is February 4, 2012 at midnight (Pacific time). Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on February 5, 2012.

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Dear Delphine, How do I announce my son’s engagement?

Dear Delphine Stationery Etiquette and Tips

Is it proper for the groom’s parents to announce their son’s engagement to their friends?

My husband and I have lived in several places over the years and we have friends that would like to know about our son’s engagement but won’t be invited to the wedding.  They have known him his entire life and would feel left out if we do not notify them.

I would like to include a photograph of the couple, but what would I say?  I would like to add no gifts expected.

Thanks for your input,
Mary F.
Massanutten, VA

Etiquette Tip GroomFrom time to time we get wedding etiquette questions here at the studio. Mrs. F’s question is so sweet, isn’t it? Here’s the advice we shared with her:

Dear Mrs. F.,
How delightful! The best way to share the wonderful news about your son’s engagement is with a handwritten note to your friends. Jot a quick, personal hello and tell your friends how thrilled you are. It’s perfectly acceptable to include a photograph of the couple.

It is unnecessary to write “no gifts expected” in a personal note (information about gifts is best left to shower invitations or word of mouth).

Traditionally, the “official” engagement notice is published in the bride’s local newspaper by the bride’s parents. If the bride’s family plans to do this you may include a photocopy of the notice in your note to friends

The bride’s family (or the couple) may choose to send engagement notice or a “save the date” card to guests who will be invited to the wedding.

Warm regards,

If you have any burning wedding invitation questions, shoot them our way; we’re happy to help!

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haute off the press: newport stripes calling card

I designed these calling cards for a friend on the job hunt. I took our NEWPORT STRIPES calling card design, added the initial “M” from our Monogram design, and voila: a chic alternative to boring business cards, perfect for handing out at networking events. These are shown in peacock and sand inks, Monica’s fave colors. Not sure what color to pick for your business cards? Take a peek inside your closet and take note of the color you see most.

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wish list: summer showers

One of the things I miss the most about living in the South is hot summer showers. The kind that come on quick in the late afternoon. Oh, how I used to love walking on the beach in the rain. Of course in South Carolina it was way too hot to wear wellies in the summer (I was usually barefoot or in Kino sandals). It rains so rarely here in Southern California that I don’t even own a functional umbrella anymore. While all the goodies shown above are on my wish list, mostly I just wish for a simple walk in the warm summer rain. I don’t think I’m cut out for this dry weather.

Shown above: 1. Carnival umbrella from Fishseddy 2. Sailor knot rope necklace by The Vamoose 3. Chic navy tank from Madewell 4. Reversible yellow tote (the other side is yellow/white stripes … LOVE) from LandsEnd (!really!) 5. Navy wellie boots also from LandsEnd

I’ve been so inspired by this nautical thing lately that I designed a new personal stationery design called Newport Stripes. It’s live now on the site in our personal stationery section. You can switch out the anchor for another motif (like a star or a birdie), and change the stripes, colors, fonts, etc etc etc.

Here’s the same design in a different color palette — printed for my bff’s daughter’s very first trip to overnight camp:


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haute off the press: flutter dragonfly

Haute off the press: Flutter, one of our newest personal stationery designs. You can switch up the fonts, ink colors, and your preferred fluttery creature on the delphine website : )

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haute off the press: personal stationery

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t … but if I did one of mine would be to be better about staying in touch and keeping up with thank you notes. I know, I know, I’m SURROUNDED by cute stationery but still I can’t get it together to send out a thank you note in a timely fashion. The card design of ours that I use most is the “Stinky” one since I’m always so late! Here’s a dirty little secret: I recently designed an evite for my son’s birthday party because I didn’t have time to mail out an invitation. For shame!

Having personal stationery, like this sample shown above that some clients ordered of our San Francisco Tile design, makes it easier to tackle the “thank you note” section on your to do list.

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new on delphine: personal stationery

New on delphinepress.com: personal stationery! For now, it’s just digital printing option on the site (letterpress coming soon). Check it out here.

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100+ new delphine designs on cardstore.com

Hot off the press: more than 100 new designs (by yours truly) are up at cardstore.com. The prices floor me: $2.19 each! And if you buy 99 or more the price drops down to about a dollar each. Never be without personal stationery again.

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