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Happy Independence Day!

fourth of july 2013 delphine anchor cocktail napkinsHappy Independence Day, everyone! Hope you’re taking a bit of a breather. Everyone here at the Delphine studio is looking forward to a long, relaxing weekend. Personally, I am most looking forward to a lazy, unplugged afternoon of cocktails and card games by the pool with family and friends.

SOURCE | anchor cocktail stir stick and anchor cocktail napkins by The Sweetest Occasion for Chromatic & Co.

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Arizona Cactus Cocktail Napkins and Stir Sticks | Haute off the Press

arizona cactus custom cocktail napkins and stir sticks in green and goldArizona Cactus has always been one of my favorite Delphine designs. I love the Saguaro Cactus and Prickly Pear Cactus illustrations my mom drew for us. Custom cocktail napkins and stir sticks are such a fun way to brighten up a bar, don’t you think? Much nicer than the boring white napkins and tiny black coffee stirrers that most catering companies provide, right?

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Party Details | Custom Wedding Match Boxes

custom match boxes for wedding party by delphineI love the simplicity of these sweet custom “a perfect match” wedding match boxes we did for Lindsay and Derek. It’s the little details that really make the look and feel of an event come together.

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Neighborhood S’mores Party

S'mores Party Invitation

S'mores Party Napkins

S'mores Party marshmallow on fire

S'mores Family Erika Firm John ArquetteS'mores Party FireA few weeks ago, just before school started, John and I invited the neighborhood kids (and their parents) over for a S’mores Party. It was a hot sticky mess, but also a ridiculous amount of fun.

I designed fun brown and white S’mores party invitations, as well as a few party accessories like brown cocktail napkins, but that’s as fancy as it got — overall the party was super low key. My dad made brats and we had a wagon full of beer, the kids ran around the yard playing tag, and patiently waited for dark so we could make s’mores. One of our neighbors brought over homemade marshmallows drizzled with caramel (we ate most of them before the fire was hot!).

Some s’mores party tips: 1. Buy cheap wood dowels at the hardware store for disposable s’mores sticks.   2. Keep a box of wet wipes nearby to help little ones get “unsticky.”   3. Put each ingredient in its own big jar with wide mouth, for easy access.   4. If you want to try something a little fancy: replace the Hershey’s bar with a Reese’s Cup. Trust me on this one.

//Top 3 photos by Erika Firm; bottom photos by Jessica Davis Photography

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hostess gift ideas

All of a sudden our social calendar seems to have filled up. I always like to show up with a little something for the hostess. Instead of the usual bottle of wine or baked treat, I think one of these cool gifts from One Kings Lane would make awesome hostess gifts. I just stocked up on Olivina gift sets. Don’t forget to bring something fun for the kids at the house, too! My son’s mind would be blown with the cute teepee for the backyard … though he’d be equally happy with a candy bar. 

DETAILS: //1// Drexton Backyard Teepee $89   //2//Dransfield & Ross lacquer frame $36  //3//Magpie Ice bucket $169  //4//Olivina gift sets $12 – $45 

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new: pennants to match delphine wedding invitations

Just released: our brand new pennant flags for drinking straws. Available only through authorized Delphine dealers. I just love how they add a punch of color to a tray of drinks.

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root beer kegger part 6: 7th birthday party!

Our son just turned 7 and we had a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration; part 2 for the color palette; part 3 for party decorations/inspiration; part 4 for root beer kegger food ideas; and part 5 for root beer party prep.

The Root Beer Kegger was super fun! The kids got all sugared up, played Legos until the entire city was destroyed (all in good fun), ran around the house like maniacs and had a great time. Of course I did the typical party host thing, and totally forgot to take photos. Many thanks to all our guests, who picked up my camera and snapped nearly all of these shots for me!

I know it sounds a little nutso, but we made two cakes. The chocolate frosted one at left is a gluten free vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling (several of the guests have wheat allergies); the Bûche de Noël at right is my mom’s masterpiece. She used Grand Marnier to flavor the mascarpone frosting. Delicious!



The buffet table. The big empty plate at front is where the Paninis were placed. It’s crazy, but all of these props (the wood stump boxes, the cardboard 3-d stars, the owl, the acorns, the faux moss) I already had in my collection, props from my trade show days.


Favors for the kids: I found cute glass mugs, filled them with root beer barrel candies, and also gave each kid a bottle of root beer to take home. I tied a green and white striped paper straw, with their initial on the tag. Tip when preparing candy bags for kids: make sure each bag has EXACTLY the same number of candies in each bag, or tears may ensue. Photo at right is my breakfast treat day after the party: a root beer float. I was so busy chatting at the party I forgot to make myself one!


I created these custom root beer kegger birthday party invitations, along with the matching coasters, tags, place cards, flags, cake toppers, stickers, favor bag labels, etc. Lets just say I get carried away with paper stuff. Of course I forgot to take photos of most of these things! Whoopsie!


The kids, getting a heavy dose of sugar with root beer floats, before tackling the cake.


Morning after the kegger, he had the breakfast of champions: leftover root beer from the keg, and day old cake.

Overall, it was a great party. A few problems: invites got lost in the mail, took us a while to figure out how to operate the keg (stop snickering… it’s different from the ones we had in college. I swear), and I totally forgot to take photos. But everyone had a good time, especially the birthday boy, so this root beer kegger was a smashing success!

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haute off the press: chrysanthemums stickers

Our CHRYSANTHEMUMS stickers were designed to work great either as return address stickers or as party favor stickers. I really like how they look in our “bleu” ink.

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candied orange peel gifts

It’s rainy and dreary outside here at the Delphine studio, but inside it’s cozy and warm as John and I package up last minute holiday gifts for friends of the studio. This year we picked oranges from the backyard and made candied orange peels. Mmmm. To make them I peeled the orange skins, blanched them, then boiled them in fresh water for an hour to soften, scraped away any remaining pith, simmered them in sugar syrup for an hour, then sanded them with sugar. Super delicious with a cup of espresso, which is how we plan on enjoying any leftovers.

I used our vintage Royal typewriter (a Christmas gift from John 11 years ago — he found it covered in dust in the corner of an antique shop in New Bern, North Carolina and restored it for me) to type labels for the packages of candied orange peel.

I was clickety-clacking so fast that John came in from the next room to tell me, “wow, you would have been a great secretary.” Humph.


I packaged the candied orange peels up in cute pale green party favor boxes I got from Michael’s a few years ago (by Martha Stewart). They are leftover from a baby shower I helped plan.

I saved about 3 cups of syrup that the oranges were simmering in. I think it would be yummy added to some sparkling water (or to a vodka martini). Any other ideas on how I can use it?

All photos by Erika Firm ©DELPHINE.

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haute off the press: rose design

Stationery Photos ©Delphine

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

Here’s a peek at one of our newest wedding invitation designs, ROSE. It’s not yet live on the site, but you can order it by request. Shown here in jet black, sand and cantaloupe ink. We printed these for Janelle and Scott’s wedding, which was featured today on The Wedding Chicks. J’adore the black and coral color scheme at the wedding, so we used a jet black background on the invitations.

Many thanks to B&K Designs, Krista Jon Couture Designs and Archive Vintage Rentals for asking me to be a part of this fantastic day. And special thanks to For Your Party for printing all the fab party goodies for us! Please visit The Wedding Chicks to see more of this gorgeous wedding!

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