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week in review

This week flew by, didn’t it? We had a little party at our son’s school, which really made me realize how close the holidays are!

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

• We celebrated Mémé Delphine’s birthday.

• We started a massive studio cleanup and listed some treasures on Ebay. (Yes, we’ll have a warehouse sale soon!)

• An in-depth behind the scenes peek at what goes into a massive photo shoot at Delphine, as well as final photos from our recent 2011 desk calendar photo shoot.

• Spotlight on artist Kevin Gilmore’s paintings, which I happened upon in a Brooklyn wine shop.

• An update on our son’s Big Boy Bedroom renovation.

• New font discovery/new to my wish list: ambicase modern.

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culture torture: the frick collection

Last week I visited The Frick Collection in Manhattan. Amazing! I spent a lot of time there as a teenager, because my Godmother lived around the corner and she and my mom liked to “culture torture” their kids by dragging us to museums. The visit brought back a lot of wonderful memories. When I was younger the entire home was open for tours … I remember racing Drew up the staircase (shameful, I know). These days the collection is consolidated downstairs, and the curators have added wonderful audio tours. I love this museum because it really is like visiting a home (a spectacular, fancy home with a built in art gallery wing with gorgeous velvet walls).

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van gogh & the colors of the night

the sower, by van gogh (now on exhibit at moma)

I had the great pleasure over the weekend to visit MOMA in NYC and was lucky to snag a ticket to see the Van Gogh exhibit: Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night. I had seen some of the paintings (from the MOMA’s permanent collection and at Musée D’Orsay in Paris) but never before had I seen so many Van Gogh works in one place. Walking through the exhibit felt like walking through one of his paintings–it seemed like all the walls were painted colors taken directly from Van Gogh’s color palette.

What I found most remarkable was that all day I had been walking around the museum and had been confronted with sadness, loneliness and pain. So many pieces at MOMA are depressing! (Or maybe that’s just me projecting???). BUT, I found Van Gogh’s paintings quite the opposite. Here’s a man who is known to have had serious psychological problems (he did cut off his own ear and all), and most of his paintings depict evening/night scenes, yet I found his paintings to be the most joyful in the entire museum: a celebration of life.

I highly recommend visiting MOMA’s online exhibit (and of course the real one if you’re in NYC)–the audio clips are great.

The painting shown above, “The Sower,” is much (much!) brighter in real life. The setting sun is super bright lemon yellow and the green sky seems electrified. Loved it!

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sweet floral wall mural

photos: delphine

When J and I were in LA last week we came upon this sweet & simple floral wall mural. It’s so lovely to see public art like this, and refreshing that it was left alone (no graffiti in sight!). The illustrations inspired me to pick up my dusty sketchbook. I love that the painting is inspired by real flowers, but doesn’t look like a horticultural specimen.

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