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style file: sexy valentine’s day outfit

Sexy Valentine’s Day outfit: {1} Sleeveless white blouse with ruffles from Ann Taylor  {2} Pretty pink and nude lace panties from Nordstrom  {3} Diamond heart necklace from Robbins Brothers  {4} Super sexy pink suede high heels by YSL from Nordstrom  {5} Plain and simple, well fitting blue jeans from Levis  {6} Classic pale pink nail polish by Scotch.

I don’t recall ever going out on a date on Valentine’s Day. But if I did, I’d wear an understated, simple and sexy outfit like this. Okay, so the shoes aren’t so understated, but they are classic, right? I reallllly want them. I think the simplest outfit, like classic Levis, a pretty white shirt (with some ruffles for Valentine’s Day) and a great pear of heels, is the sexiest.

Normally I’m totally against any cheesy heart jewelry, but I make the exception for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Tip for the guys: keep it as understated as possible when it comes to heart jewelry. I like the look of a simple diamond heart necklace.

We will stay home for Valentine’s Day. Boring, I know. I’ll probably make some cookies or cupcakes with our son — he loves pink frosting. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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sweet summer soirée: a lobster bake outfit

While I have never been to a lobster bake (I’m more of an oyster roast girl myself … think flip flops, jean shorts and cold beers), my alter-ego would simply love a fancy beach party involving shellfish, white wine spritzers, and a kitchy outfit like this.

shown above: 1. lobster dress from anthropologie  | 2. rattan purse by tory burch  | 3. red sunglasses by kate spade  | 4. hand knotted rope bracelets  from knotworks | 5. black espadrilles with shells by nanette lepore

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