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Getting Organized

Getting Organized Tools Confession: my pantry is an absolute disaster. Over the holidays I accumulated a lot of extra stuff … big bags of flour, snacks suitable for entertaining, and yummy treats as gifts. This morning as I reached for my son’s cereal box (and the contents spilled all over the floor) I resolved to tackle the whole messy kitchen situation.

Organizing comes down to having a home for everything … and, I believe, a pretty home for everything. Here are some tools I *hope* will help keep me organized in the New Year:  1/ Large canning jars for storing bulk food  2/ An organizer tray for my messy utensil drawer  3/ Super cute container bins in my favorite ombre colors  4/ a P Touch for labeling the cute bins.

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get organized: personal calling cards

letterpress calling cards by delphine

Calling cards are chic. Much better to give someone one of these personalized letterpress calling cards than one of these. Right?

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