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Erika Firm featured in Arts + Power issue of Riviera Magazine

Erika Firm featured in Arts + Power issue of Riviera Magazine San Diego 2011So happy to share that I was featured in San Diego Riviera‘s annual Arts + Power issue (December 2011).

The story covers inspiration (Mother Nature, Pinterest), design do’s (blues, yellows, and chevrons), next season forecast (melon/pistachio/gold palette), don’ts (neon for wedding … sorry!), and my favorite wedding details (the classics: proper menus).

Riviera Arts + Power 2011It was such a treat to be in my favorite issue of the year! Merci, Riviera.

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Wonderland Wedding Invitations featured in The Knot Fall-Winter 2011

The Knot Fall Winter 2011 magazinewonderland wedding invitation featured in The Knot Fall 2011 Winter 2011Many thanks to The Knot Southern California for featuring our Wonderland wedding invitation in their fall/winter 2011 issue!

We love the classic navy blue and kelly green color combination that the editors chose for the spread. It really shows off how nice dark colors look as backgrounds for invitations.

Our Wonderland wedding invitation design is available flat printed (better for flooding the background with color) or letterpress.



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in the press: ceremony magazine

Ahem … not to brag or anything, but we were featured FOUR TIMES in the 2011 issue of Ceremony magazine. Woot. Many thanks to Adrianne Smith, fleuriste extraordinaire, who included our invitations in two of her tabletop shoots, including the pretty robin’s egg turquoise and purple cover shoot!

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in the press: uppercase magazine letterpress issue

I was an Uppercase fan before, but when I found out they were doing an issue about letterpress I was over the moon. Then they contacted us here at the Delphine studio for inclusion in the article! Fantabulous.

Each featured studio donated a stack of prints, which were inserted in the issue for subscribers. That’s our limited edition Valentine at the bottom left of the page. I hope they didn’t give that particular one out—- it was the “makeready” or mistake one used to protect the rest of the stack. If you look closely you’ll see it is printed twice. Oh, well.

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in the press: sunset magazine

Before I moved to California I had never read Sunset magazine. Now that I’m a “local” it’s one of my favorite reads each month. For those of you who know me, it may come as a shock, but I was quoted in the magazine for something I said on FACEBOOK. That’s right. Me, who logs in every 10 months. I promise I’m getting better. I’ve even started a Delphine Facebook page — yay!

Anyway, the editors at Sunset asked about post-Thanksgiving meal traditions, and I told them about ours: after dessert everyone gathers a sheet of paper (or a handful of sheets, in some cases … you know who you are) and writes out their wish list for Santa. This is a serious event. It takes us nearly an hour to get it all down on paper. Some of us (ahem) bring a glue stick and attach visual aides for Santa. The fun part is that we include all the crazy out there things we’d love to have (Mom asks for a vintage Rolls Royce and an around-the-world plane ticket each year) as well as practical things that we need (John asks for socks every year) and things that we would love to have but probably wouldn’t buy for ourselves (ummm, Santa, if you’re listening … iPad for moi, pretty please). After everyone is done we nominate someone to read all the lists aloud. It’s sooo much fun.

This tradition sparked the idea to print and sell our Dear Santa lists, complete with check boxes, which are for sale here. Happy holidays!

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zine love: lonny magazine

Lonny magazine keeps getting better and better. I’m happy that online magazines are filling the gap in the shelter magazine space, and Lonny is my favorite of the bunch. One of the nicest things is that an online magazine isn’t really limited by space in the magazine, so they can run longer stories with more pages of photos. Here are a few of my favorite stories from the August issue:

I was thrilled to see a profile on Virginia Tupker, a stylist and home market editor at Vogue. I’ve bumped into Virginia many times at many many trade shows. The first time I met her I was floored by her incredible sense of style. I remember telling my mom something like “she belongs in Vogue, she is so chic” and my mom (a French woman who knows a thing or two about being chic) told me something like “darling, she works there” and then told me to turn over the business card Virginia had handed me. Every time I see Virginia at The Javits Center (not the easiest place to keep your cool) she looks amazing. But what really stands out is that she is one of the most gracious editors I’ve ever dealt with. Thanks, Lonny, for offering me a peek inside Virginia’s world.


The cheeky style of Ben Brougham’s little NYC apartment makes me want to drop in for a cocktail. Something tells me he has frozen vodka at the ready. How cool is that rope pattern wallpaper? The color combo in these shots is one of my all time favorites. One of these days I’ll get a client I can convince to go for this quirky color pairing.

My favorite photograph from the issue. Ben Brougham’s apartment again.


Rachel Ashwell is back! While I think I’d get bored living with Shabby Chic style all the time (I love color too much to give it up), I still think her style is iconic and inspiring. I especially love how unpretentious her look is.

Have I ever told you what my dream job would be if I weren’t a graphic designer? I’d be a magazine editor. When I was a journalism student my plan was to launch my own wedding magazine, so I guess I’ve always had a thing for the bridal market.

All images from Lonny Magazine August 2010 issue.

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in the press: santa barbara magazine

I’m a *little* late posting this one … many many thanks to the sweet editors at Santa Barbara for listing our letterpress “illuminated initials” (monogram) note cards as a lovely gift for the “feminine and sophisticated” woman on your holiday gift list. (December 2009 issue of Santa Barbara Magazine).

Note: we’re nearly sold out of all the 16 letters … but hold tight: we’re reprinting in a few weeks!

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party idea: photo booth

Wedding season for “the industry” starts right about now … this is the time of year when all the magazines have their launch parties and all the wedding industry peeps gather together in celebration and anticipation of a new year. Last night I partied with some friends at The Knot‘s party. Left to right: me (Erika), Joy (Oh Joy), Kelley (Pink Dot Press), me again, John (Delphine), Melissa (Bergamot Spa), Sara (Anthropologie). One of the highlights of the evening was these super fun Shutterbooth photo booths. They would be sooooo much fun to have at a wedding, especially if you provided a basket full of dress up props to half-drunken guests.

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in the press: HOW magazine design award x 2

Thanks, HOW magazine for awarding us for the fourth year in a row! The invitation we designed for Monday Morning Mimosas with Russell+Hazel won award, as did the cute custom letterpress wedding invitation we did for Megan and Casey’s riverside wedding on the Bigwood River in Idaho.




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in the press: Charleston Weddings Magazine

It’s hard to explain what this press clipping in Charleston Weddings magazine means to me. Charleston is my “hometown” (in quotes since technically I’m a Yankee: I was born in NYC).

My first great work experience was as an editorial intern at Charleston magazine. Though I was an editorial intern and most of my duties included writing and editing, I found my real passion in the art director’s office. Melinda Smith-Monk was so kind to me. She let me watch her work, she let me help out at photo shoots, she let me ask a zillion questions, she let me make mistakes, she let me pick the ink color for a cover, she let me model. And she made me think about a career in design.

All the editors I worked with at Charleston are long gone, and while Mel is still art director, I’m not sure she would even remember who I am (it was many years ago!). I am eternally grateful for the experience of working with such great talent, and it is a supreme thrill to have my work grace the pages of a magazine so near and dear to my heart.

Oh, and the invitations in the clipping were inspired by Charleston, too.

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