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New 2014 Postage Rates

2014 Postage Rate Increase via DelphineThe USPS just raised rates for 2014! Here’s a quick guide to new 2014 Postage rates as they apply to most wedding invitations:

  • Letter, Save the date, Reply Envelope (with single reply card inside), Single card/invitation: 49 cents
  • Invitation set (invitation, reply card, reply envelope, and another card or two, up to 2 oz.): 70 cents
  • Postcard (size 6in x 4.25in or smaller): 34 cents
  • Any letter/card or invitation set (up to 2 oz.) to all international destinations: $1.15

Keep in mind: square envelopes/postcards, non-bendable envelopes, and extra thick envelopes don’t fit through the USPS machines, so there is an additional fee for being non-machinable — check with local post office for rates or use the usps’s handy postage price calculator. There are also additional fees for postage weighing over 2 ounces.

Besides buying stamps at your local post office, you can buy official USPS stamps online at USPS.com. There are lots of pretty ones to choose from. If you’re looking for something a bit more custom, check out Delphine’s Zazzle shop with stamps to match most of our invitation designs. If you don’t see what you’d like, or need the colors/monogram switched out just let us know and we’ll whip something up for you.

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lovely correspondence: fun return address stamps

I saw PJ‘s fun new return address stamps at the National Stationery Show last May and couldn’t stop playing with them. You can pick your ink color, they are self-inking and not messy, and come in a bunch of styles and ink colors. Plus they’re only $40. And they have a cute pink handle. Hello, ADORABLE! This would be a great way to dress up save the date envelopes or you could even use them on the front of response envelopes. You can check them out here.

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makeready: illuminated initials

Here’s a sneak peek at our new Illuminated Initials letterpress cards. This photo is of makeready — the sheets that we use to get the press setup. Sometimes I end up keeping and framing a few pieces of makeready – the happy accidents that happen can be inspiring! We have a few more examples in our paperie.

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love this pillow

I’m a sucker for anything with letters/numbers on it, as I’m a not-so-secret typophile. This fun pillow from Urban Outfitters would look chic in an urban studio … or adorable in a kids room.

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