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Wine and Cheese

wine and cheese party via delphine


Chilly weather is the perfect time for casual get togethers with neighbors and friends. My parents are the ultimate hosts, and they taught me to always have some cheese, wine and crackers in the kitchen, so as to be prepared for guests at any time. The tip has served me well, and I’m looking forward to lots of impromptu happy hours at my place with my neighbors this winter.

Right now I use an old wood cutting board for serving, but it’s old in a scary did-you-find-that-in-a-dumpster way, not in a that-must-be-from-a-turn-of-the-century-estate-sale kind of way. I’d love to have a fancy slate board or a pretty wood serving paddle so I can serve in style (holiday elves, are you listening?). Also on my wish list is the darling juice glass caddy from Bixby & Ball — I’d use it for dips, cornichons, and olives.

Entertaining wish list, clockwise from Crate & Barrel Slate Board / Crate & Barrel Cheese Tool Set / Northern Natives Numbered Wood Coasters via Etsy / Yummy Saxelby Cheesmongers Choice / Orange & Pear Rams Head Knife Set / Crate & Barrel Acacia tree slice serving platter / West Elm Raw Wood Board /Bixby & Ball Juice Glass Caddy

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Boiled Peanuts | A Classic Color Palette

color palette boiled peanuts brown red green via delphineOne of the many joys of being back in the South is access to one of my favorite snacks: boiled peanuts. Pair it with a cane sugar Coke and I’m a very happy girl. I snapped this pic at Butcher & Bee the other day because I just loved the traditional color palette: coca cola red, peanut brown, a bit of green: an old school classic color palette that would be a great jumping off point for planning a fall party.

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sweetest treat of the fall season: candy corn

candy corn brachs packagingThis morning while fixing breakfast for my son I wore a sweater over my pjs … it’s officially Fall in my book, now. One thing that I look forward to each year is the return of Brach’s candy corn to the store shelves (and my belly).

I’m not too crazy about the new packaging. It’s not that it isn’t well designed … I like the layout just fine (and you know I’m a big fan of white space). I think candy corn is one of those nostalgic childhood memory type things … I miss the old packaging. Does that make me old?

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Behind the Scenes at our Chevron Picnic Photo Shoot

blue and white backyard picnic ideaEarlier this summer my dear friend Cyd came to visit. Technically, her visit was supposed to be purely vacation, but we managed to sneak in a quick photo shoot/picnic. You can see the Backyard Picnic photos on her blog.

A lot of styled photo shoots you see on blogs are just for show, but we wanted to actually have a little picnic party to introduce Cyd to my SoCal friends. The second Jennifer Dery was done snapping photos we all dug into the yummy food.  When it got dark we moved the party over to the fire pit and made s’mores. The evening was truly one of the biggest highlights of my summer.

Orange salad with mint and onions

One of my favorite things to serve for summer picnics is Orange Salad. We’re super lucky to have orange trees in our backyard, so we make it a lot. It’s refreshing and delicious for summer get togethers.


INGREDIENTS: 12 fresh oranges, 1/2 onion, 1 tsp. sea salt, fresh mint

DIRECTIONS: Slice oranges into small wedges (use a paring knife to remove all rind and membrane). Slice onion into very thin ribbons. Put in bowl and add salt. Toss gently. Sprinkle fresh mint leaves on top. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

Some behind the scenes shots from the Backyard Picnic photo shoot, which was inspired by one of our newest wedding invitation designs, Chevron, the color blue, Bixby & Ball, and summertime:

Delphine intern, Marissa Cool, and her sweetie enjoy blueberry coconut cocktails between shots and lounge on cute pillows from Bixby & Ball.

Stylist Cyd Converse of The Sweetest OccasionStylist Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion, the brains and inspiring force behind the scenes.

Delphine and Bekka Palmer behind the scenesMémé Delphine and Bekka Palmer share a giggle.

Chevron wedding invitation design in navy blue and white chevron patternThe Delphine Chevron wedding invitation design, which inspired the look of the shoot.

MANY THANKS to the team behind this shoot, especially to Cyd for making it all happen. Event design + styling: Sweet Occasions Studio + Delphine / Stationery + paper goods: Delphine (Featured design: Chevron) / Floral design: Adrianne Smith Floral Design / Photography: Jennifer Dery / Decor + tablewares: Bixby & Ball / Styling assistance: Marissa Cool (Delphine intern extraordinaire) + Bekka Palmer of Minted Condition

 //photos in this post by Erika Firm

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summer treat: shave ice

//photos: Erika Firm

Why did nobody tell me how amazing Hawaiian shave ice is before? YUMMY. I had a chance to try it for the first time a few weeks ago at the Gravy co-working event Lori hosted at her lovely Paper & Thread studio (photos coming soon of her super adorable workspace). It was about a zillion times yummier than any other shaved ice treat I’ve had before. I am so thankful to the Gravy team for introducing me to Kam Shave Ice. I am planning a trip to Oceanside Pier so I can have more soon. See you there!


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nice package: trader joe’s chocolate

Although my shopping cart was already completely overflowing, I HAD to buy this amazing looking chocolate from Trader Joe’s. Isn’t the packaging marvelous? I love the bold graphics. Although they didn’t need to, they carried the design inside the package, to the inner wrapping. Little surprises and attention to detail like this are part of what make this store so special. (By the way, the chocolate is pretty amazing, too.)

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nice package: japanese fish snacks

Sometimes when I’m seeking a quick, “sure thing” jolt of design inspiration I head to Ranch 99, our local Asian food market. It’s full of visual treats like the restrained packaging of these fish strips. (So restrained, they held off on using a “s” in the word Fishnacks).

Some of my other go-to spots for inspiration are the beach, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, my back yard, indie boutiques shops, and my local park. I just noticed that none of these spots are plugged in. Where do you go to get a quick fix of inspiration?

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root beer kegger part 4: food and cake

Our son is turning 7 and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration; part 2 for the color palette; and part 3 for party decorations/inspiration.

No party is complete without yummy treats! Besides root beer floats, of course, I’m planning some of our son’s favorite foods: paninis, bread sticks, cupckakes, and cake. For the grown ups, I think I’ll also bust out some stinky cheese, bread and dried fruit.

Every holiday season my mom makes a Bûche de Noël. This year she promised to make it for the birthday party, as it will tie in perfectly with the theme. I’m so excited — even more than the cake, I love the meringue mushrooms that go with the yule log!

Here are some things that are inspiring me as I plan the food for the Root Beer Kegger: 1. Faux bois cake  2. Paninis  3. Meringue Mushrooms  4. Bûche de Noël  5. Yummy molten chocolate cupcakes  6. Bread sticks

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root beer kegger part 3: party decorations

Our son is turning 7 and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration and part 2 for the color palette.

As promised, here are some of the things that have inspired me as I pull together the plans and decorations for our son’s Root Beer Kegger.

1. The main inspiration: Virgil’s Root Beer Keg (BevMo)   2. Root Beer Barrel candies (CandyWarehouse.com)  3. Green Balloons (EZPartyZone)  4. Root Beer Float (Dandy Dons Ice Cream)  5. Green and white striped paper straws (Emerald+Ella)  6. Cappucino brown and white bakers twine (The Twinery)   7. Green party cups (EZPartyZone)  8. Wood Grain rubber stamp   9. Custom wood grain root beer kegger kids party invitation by Delphine.

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