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How to Line an Envelope

How to Line an Envelope via Delphine
You will need: a glue stick, and some clean white paper (not newsprint).

How to Lick an Envelope via Delphine

1. Lay the paper out on a table, covering your workspace. You don’t need a lot; just enough to cover the area that a placemat might be.

2. Open the flap of your envelope so that it lies flat on your papered work area on the table.

3. Insert a liner.

How to Lick an Envelope via Delphine4. Center the liner in the envelope. The top of the liner should come just below the glue on the envelope flap.

5. Holding the liner in place, carefully flip the envelope over, and place on the table. Try not to move the envelope too much, to keep the liner from shifting out of position.

6. Lift the envelope flap, exposing the back of the liner.

7. Apply glue to the liner with your glue stick. Make sure to wipe up any glue that gets on the white paper in your work area, or replace the paper as needed, so that you do not get glue on the front of your envelopes.

How to Lick an Envelope via Delphine8. Close the flap over the liner. Rub gently across the flap, to make sure the liner adheres evenly to the flap. You can use the bottom of the glue stick for this, or the heel of your hand.

9. Store lined envelopes laying flat, with the flap remaining open. Let glue dry. Do not close the flap until you are ready to seal the envelope.

How to Line an Envelope via Delphine

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I Love Valentines

valentine's day card crafts One of my earliest memories is of crafting Valentine’s Day cards with my friend after school. Normally I’m not much of a DIY girl … I have neither the time nor patience for crafts … but for Valentine’s Day I make an exception. I just love getting out all the paper doilies, construction paper, paste and colored pencils to hand craft Valentine’s Day cards for my family.

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week in review

This photo pretty much sums up the week … hammering away. What will you be doing this weekend? I’ll be finishing up some designs for a series of gift bags (a collaboration with another stationer … details to come soon), planning for a big November beach photo shoot with my friends Adrianne Smith Floral Design and Bixby & Ball, going over the details of a business launch with a friend, reviewing tons and tons of intern files, uploading a portfolio to another new business launching next week (y’all are going to LOVE it), going to Brand You seminar, touring a private school (looking for somewhere new to send our little star student), and finally finishing (hopefully) the makeover in our son’s bedroom. Sleep doesn’t seem to be in the plans. Ugh.

In case you missed it, here’s what happend on the blog this week:

• We peeked into Delphine intern Courtney Fone’s head to see what inspires her (Paris!)
• A wish list masqueraded as an inspiration board for our son’s bedroom makeover
• A cool statement necklace, lovely for a wedding day, or any day
• The scoop on the Brand You seminar I’ll be attending this weekend (I think a few seats are still available)
• Top 10 trends in holiday cards and Thanksgiving traditions: Delphine in the press

• We have a new DELPHINE FACEBOOK page. Be a dear and click over to check it out

 photo by John Arquette

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couture craft workshops by reni

My dear friend Reni is teaching awesome couture craft workshops this summer. For kids AND grownup kids. Her creative couture craft workshops are a super fun way to spend an afternoon. Right now she’s offering $25 off workshop sessions and $10 off single classes–just mention this blog when you book for the discount.

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inspired by …

Please take a moment to visit Decor8 and read my thoughts about this topic. Holly and I welcome your comments (please comment on Decor8 so the dialogue is all in one spot).

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weekend craftiness

Don’t you love these buttons? I have never been able to throw a button away … and sometimes I even buy them for no reason whatsoever other than that I like the color. I used these in our recent photo shoot (photo by Vallentyne Photography).

What weekend craftiness are you up to? I am hoping to break out the glitter for my first christmas project of the year!


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tillandsias, succulents and ponies, oh my

Leah at Chicweed in Solana Beach, Ca sent over this awesome photo of a hat adorned with real live plants from her shop. She’s hosting a hat making class at Chicweed on Monday, July 20th as Track Season draws near in Del Mar. Just don’t get too close to the ponies or they might lean in for a quick little snack.

Bring your hat and Chicweed will supply the tillandsias, succulents and cut flowers to adorn what are sure to be prize winning chapeaux!

$20.00 class fee
Monday, July 20, 10:30- 11:30 am
Please register by Sunday July 19th to Leah: (858) 205-8083 ~ chicweedoncedros@yahoo.com

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mmmmmm … cupcakes

photo by delphine

I’m sorting through photos from last weekend’s Little Lamb baby shower (hosted at my place for my dear friend Carrie), trying to pick the best ones to share, but I can’t get past the cupcake ones without my mouth watering. I love a good cupcake, but the baker of these cupcakes (Alex, you rock!) took it to a whole new level by poking holes in these freshly baked cupcakes and drizzling liquid lemon/sugar mixture into the cake, before adding the icing. W O W. I watched the guest sitting next to me at the shower (you know who you are) wolf down three. Needless to say, there are no leftovers.

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paper squirrel favors

So after this squirrel post I promise I’ll give squirrels a rest for a while. But seriously, how sickingly cute are these paper squirrel favors? I’d write a guest’s name on the “log” and they could double as place cards. Almost makes me want to throw a party! (If only it weren’t for the cooking and cleaning part!) You can download the free template from Martha Stewart here.

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