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Happy Halloween from the Cat Burglars

Family Costume Idea Cat Burglar Halloween via DelphineFor our first Halloween in Charleston, we decided to dress up as a Cat Burglar family. Mommy Cat + Daddy Burglar = Baby Cat Burglar! We had a blast walking around the neighborhood, but really were missing our dear friends from SoCal. It’s just not the same without y’all!!

Halloween at Delphine Studio 2012Some of the Delphine crew got the Halloween spirit going earlier in the day. Lytle was a hoarder, and Brelyn was a gangster. Trish was all smiles in her jack-o-lantern outfit. Jeff was out sick: booooo (feel better soon, dude). Sarah took the photo since she was the only one sans costume.

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We’re hiring!

delphine is hiring graphic designers and design internsThe Delphine studio is growing & we’re looking for a few fabulous designers. Check out our Craigslist ads for a Graphic Designer, Studio Intern, and Product Styling & Photography Intern.

Internships are unpaid and last approximately 10 weeks; scheduling is flexible (min 8 hours per week).
Interns will not have access to letterpress print shop.
Academic credit is available (depending upon specific institution’s requirements).

Please reference the Craigslist ads for application information and instructions for graphic design position and for both internships.

UPDATE 9/10/12: We’ve filled the graphic designer/production artist position, however we are always on the lookout for wonderful studio interns and product styling/photography interns. Email studio [at] delphinepress [dot] com to apply for an internship.

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Camp Delphine Workshop Registration Open

camp delphine workshop february 2 20122012 is going to be a big year for Delphine! First, we launched our shiny new website (woot!). Now, I’m announcing a new Delphine Studio workshop series! I do hope you’ll join me and the fabulously talented Jessica Davis next month for a workshop about Photoshop for blogging.

PHOTOSHOP WORKSHOP: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 10am – 2pm. Session will include a coffee break and lunch break

LOCATION: Jessica Davis Photography Studio, 124 E. Cliff Street, Solana Beach (studio is on ground floor of building)

+ how to crop a photo and size for web
+ how to do basic color correction
+ how to add a border to a photograph
+ how to make a collage/inspiration board
+ how to use a psd template
+ how to add type to a photograph
+ how to add texture to a photograph
+ how to save artwork for web
+ how to add a watermark to a photo
+ how to remove a background on a photo
+ how to convert a photo from color to b/w or sepia
+ how to use photoshop brushes
+ resources for freebies/downloads that you can use on your blog
+ inspiration resources/list of fave blogs
+ photoshop cheat sheet/shortcuts
+ q&a


+ apple laptop with PHOTOSHOP installed.  You can download a free trial on the Adobe website if you don’t already have it. 
+ pen + note book
+ power cord for your computer
We will be working on an Apple laptop with Photoshop CS5

COST: $150 per person (includes lunch and drinks). Please bring cash or a check payable to Erika Firm. PayPal also accepted.

INSTRUCTORS: Erika Firm and Jessica Davis

SPECIAL REQUESTS: If there are other topics you’d like Jessica + I to go over please let us know. We’ll do our best to get to everything.

RSVP: Class size is limited to 12 students. Please reserve a seat by emailing erika [at] delphinepress [dot] com
If you have any questions and/or want to be sure the class is right for you please let me know. I’m looking forward to the class!

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Pépé’s Antique Gold Pocket Watch

antique gold pocket watch propWe’re doing some major site upgrades over on Delphinepress.com. A major part of that is new photographs. We’ve been super busy for months styling photos. One of the props we’ve been using is my Pépé (grandpa) Giovanni’s antique gold pocket watch.

I just realized a few days ago that the monogram on the watch is not his (or my grandmother’s). I wonder if it was his father’s? Or perhaps it was won in a crazy poker game? My Pépé loved playing cards!

The clock side opens, but the other side, where a photo goes, is stuck shut. I’m DYING to open it but am afraid to force it. I’m going to take it to a jeweler to see if they can open it for me. I can’t wait to see the photo inside.

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New: Melon Chevrons

Delphine letterpress Chevron design in cantaloupeIt’s true, I can’t get enough chevrons. John thinks I’m slightly obsessed. I’m certain one of these days I’ll tire of the classic zig zag pattern, but for now I’m in love. Here’s a letterpress wedding invitation in cantaloupe melon and dull gold inks. Note the pretty edge painted place cards, too. Yummy color combo … one of my faves. (Just don’t call it peach and we can pretend it’s not part of the 80s revival).

photo: Delphine

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My Dreamy Workspace

ghost chair silver desk polaroidThe studio is in the midst of a big cleanup/reorganization. It’s in the “it’s going to look worse before it gets better” stage. It is so incredibly messy in there that I had to move my computer to a new workspace just to be able to think. Can you work in a messy office? I absolutely cannot do it. The “noise” of the mess makes my brain hurt … and it’s difficult to design without a functioning brain! This is my temporary workspace. I borrowed a Ghost chair from Mom. I love it except for the fact that I can’t cross my legs into my lap — Mom told me if I scratch the chair I’m toast!

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Sneak Peek at the Delphine 2012 Calendar

sneak peek at Delphine 2012 CalendarIt’s never dull here at the Delphine studio. Yesterday we had a photo shoot. Sneak peek behind the scenes shot above left. Add “reluctant model” to my list of duties as a business owner. We also picked up our new 2012 calendar from the pressroom. It’s our most colorful one yet. We’ll take photos later this week and get it up on the site soon. Meanwhile if you’d like to order let me know — they are ready to ship!

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Making a Wholesale Wedding Invitation Album

Making a wholesale wedding invitation albumIn preparation for this afternoon’s Tradeshow Bootcamp seminar about wholesale wedding invitation albums, I thought I’d share a peek behind the scenes at how to put together an invitation album.

It all starts with good designs! Once you have those down (gulp) it’s time to print lots of samples, get organized, and start up an assembly line. We built a temporary shelter outside behind the studio with lots of fans and ventilation so we wouldn’t croak from using so much spraymount. We went through at least five cases of the stuff.

Delphine wholesale wedding albumThe inside of our album is designed for the dealer first, the bride second. Why? Because if the dealer isn’t happy with the book it will never get pulled from the shelf! Things we include to make the album easy to shop:

1. A few pages of info … about the studio, a primer on print methods, tips on how to customize our designs, and pretty photos of our designs in colors other than sampled in the book. Pages of ink swatches, papers, fonts, etc. And, of course, simple, easy to use price pages.

2. A divider page to separate each design (we have 22!). The divider page has the name of the suite, a keyword that relates to the type of wedding we envision the design working for (i.e. elegant, romantic, whimsical), and a short story about the design — what inspired it, what type of wedding we think it’s best for, etc. The divider pages are all different colors, to help the dealer flip to the right page.

3. Foldout pages. The front page shows invitation and response cards. The inside shows detail cards, like accommodations, thank yous, menus, etc. On the right side we show party goodies (the details that make an event, in my opinion).

4. The back of the divider page has a schematic with thumbnails of all the items available in the design.

5. Perhaps most important for the dealer: an AS SHOWN card, listing all the ink colors and fonts used in the shown samples.

Delphine Dealer GoodiesOf course we LOVE our dealers and want to make the sales process as easy for them as possible. If they are fumbling around the book looking for swatches and prices they aren’t focusing on the bride! So we made a separate Dealer Deck, with swatches of all our inks, patterns, fonts, papers, envelopes and more. It also has a FAQ card listing turnaround time, quick pricing for 100 invitation suites, and our contact information.

We also give dealers a disc with blog and website ready photos for their use, PDF order forms, and plenty of loose samples for display.

My biggest advice for putting together a wholesale wedding invitation album is to make friends with a local stationer, ask a lot of questions and do a bunch of research. Oh, and don’t underprice yourself. Make every order worth your time! Just because you’re an artist doesn’t mean you want to work for free. And trust me, the dealers are working hard too, and want each order to pay off, too.

For more pics and details about how we made our wedding album visit this post.

If you are a stationer interested in carrying the new Delphine Signature Collection wedding invitation album please get in touch. We have a few books left looking for a happy home. 

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sneak peek: new lace, carnival and watercolor wedding invitation designs

A few reasons for the radio silence around here: We’re finishing up the new Delphine wedding invitation album — working on assembling the dealer decks now (hitting stores any day now), and we’re busy taking photos of our new designs, including Carnival, Lace, and Watercolor Stripes. 

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