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I Love Valentines

valentine's day card crafts One of my earliest memories is of crafting Valentine’s Day cards with my friend after school. Normally I’m not much of a DIY girl … I have neither the time nor patience for crafts … but for Valentine’s Day I make an exception. I just love getting out all the paper doilies, construction paper, paste and colored pencils to hand craft Valentine’s Day cards for my family.

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crafting with kids: valentines

photos: Erika Firm

One of my most treasured childhood memories is making Valentines with my best friend in first grade. I can still visualize the pink construction paper hearts and the pots of paste.

This year my son is in first grade, and his class is planning a “friendship day” Valentine’s Day party, complete with exchanging of cards. I was super thrilled about the idea, and set aside an entire afternoon to make all the cards with him. I wrote all about it on Mom Inc. Daily, so please head over there to see more photos and read all about the process.

Left: my son making Valentines. Right: one of his masterpieces.

For the whole scoop and more photos, please read my post on Mom Inc. Daily.

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I received this award from Star, author of the sweet blog Curious Mess, where she blogs about what inspires her, and “arts. crafts. recipies. stuff.” She also has an etsy shop full of lovely goodies. Thanks for the props, Star!

So, I’m supposed to share my 5 addictions with you and choose 5 people to give the award to.

Here are my 5 addictions:
1. MAGAZINES: I always thought I’d be a magazine editor (I studied magazine journalism in college–even have a masters degree in it!). I have more magazines in the house than 10 people could ever read in a lifetime.
2. The color GREEN: It has been my favorite color since I was a child. While I like any shade of green, my favorites are in the lime/citron/chartreuse/spring family. I like this color so much that most people who know me call these shades of green “Erika Green.”
3. FISH TACOS: I could eat these every day. In my opinion, fish tacos are the best reason to move to Southern California.
4. EMAIL: How did I ever live without it?
5. BRAVO: Oh, how I love thee, Project Runway/TopChef/TopDesign!

And here’s who I’m passing the award onto. I’m a huge fan of:
1. Cat Seto
2. Christina Said
4. Jose Villa
5. Broadway Paper

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holiday craftiness

december craftiness

So far this month I have made turkey pot pie with leftover Thanksgiving turkey, glittered holiday ornaments, braved the Target toy aisles with my almost-five-year-old’s list in hand, packaged holiday goodies for the Etsy shop, wrapped and shipped gifts, sent holiday cards, made homemade bath scrubs, and, just yesterday, baked cookies with girlfriends.

december coping mechanism

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