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Summer Necessities

French Rattan Lounge Chair Summer Wish List by DelphineLately I’ve been day dreaming about lounging with a great book and a yummy cocktail. This summer you’ll find me relaxing in my backyard, but my head will be in the Côte d’Azure.

SOURCES || Rattan Lounge Chair | Paris book | St. Germaine + Hendrick’s Cocktail

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Chronicle Books Friends & Family Sale

chronicle books friends & family sale sept 2011

It’s Back To School time, one of my favorite times of year. I have been known to hug the school supply bins at the local office supply store. Really. Even now that I’m well out of school, I get the urge to stock up on interesting books this time of year. Lucky for me (and for you, my sweet reader friends), Chronicle Books is having a friends & family sale right now: 35% off AND free shipping. Excellent! Use the promo code FRIENDS. Sale ends 9/30/11.

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cool school lunches

Our 6-year-old started first grade yesterday. Nothing makes me feel more like a mom than packing school lunches. Not taking him to the doctor, not shopping for back to school shoes, not reading bedtime stories or running a bath. It’s writing a note on a napkin (complete with hearts and drawings of kitties), slicing apples and spreading peanut butter. Sometimes I use cookie cutters to cut out cute shaped sandwiches, but the ideas in Yum Yum Bento Box bring it to a whole new level. I think it’s a brilliant idea to get kids to eat their lunches. Today my little guy’s lunch box came back with an intact sandwich (cookie and fruit rollup devoured). Maybe if I had decorated it to look like a cute little animal he would have eaten it!

THE SCOOP: Yum Yum Bento Box, from Amazon; Customizable flames lunch box (we have this one– love that the inside of the lid is a chalkboard, so I can write notes!) from Frecklebox; dinosaur cookie cutter from Williams Sonoma.

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summer reading list download

Hi everyone! John and I love reading, and I’m happy to report that our little one does, too. I made up some reading list worksheets for him to record his reads. After he reads 10 books we treat him to a family trip for some frozen yogurt : ) You can read the full post and download the free worksheet over at Designing Moms.

He loves to read my old Shel Silverstein books. Kindergarteners are not too young to appreciate poetry.

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bookshelf: often wrong, never in doubt, by donny deutsch

For the past few days I’ve been reading adman (and maybe one day NYC mayor) Donny Deutsch‘s book, “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt.” Not that it’s a surprise (you have seen his fantastic CNBC show, The Big Idea, right?), but the book is stellar. Every chapter I find myself learning something, nodding in agreement, annoying John by reading something aloud. So many things in the book are quotable, but a few I just read are really sticking with me

On putting clients first: “‘What would I do if this was my business?’ How going over to the other side will better your own bottom line.”

And on fear: “You can’t be crippled by the fear of failure; that truly is in the definition of not succeeding. If you do nothing, your failure is guaranteed.”

And one more, because I can’t resist: on women and “The doctrine of female superiority”: “Women are superior beings. It’s that simple. Give me a choice between a woman and a man with the same talents, I’ll take the woman every time.”

On it’s face, this book is about a simple question: “Why not me.” But it’s really about going beyond believing in yourself, and doing something about it. It’s about action. It’s also about the crazy ad world (the behind the scenes insight is entertaining and enlightening, to say the least). It’s about how to be a great boss. How to deal with clients. How to deal, period. It’s about facing fear, not backing down, being bold. Being authentic. Yes, it’s inspiring, but beyod that, it’s motivating. It’s a call to action. Oh yes, and it’s about branding, too. I highly recommend this book to anyone in business, not just creative types.

By the way, sorry, Donny, that your face is covered up by a sticker … silly librarian. What were you thinking?

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studio makeover: rainbow shelves

martha stewart weddings magazine; delphine studio shelves

After I figured out how to unscrew the bookshelves from the wall and move the shelf to its new location, I decided to re-shelf my graphic design books by color. I was inspired by the pretty cover photo on this quarter’s Martha Stewart Weddings magazine (which, btw, is my all time favorite magazine … I have issues dating back to 1996!).

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studio makeover: the big mess

I just removed all the books from this bookshelf so I could move it, only to find that J has screwed the shelf to the wall! Ugh. He is a bit paranoid about earthquakes.

During the “move” I discovered this gem from my college collection: Ray Gun issue #6:

Cover story is “on the road with Sonic Youth.” It also has a story and photos profiling the up and coming stylists Todd Oldham and Mark Jacobs styling “Trailer Park Chic”; a story by Frank Black (of The Pixies), interviewing The Reverend Horton Heat; and an article by Michael Stipe titled “From Los Angeles to Athens, Georgia” (that story has been ripped out, and, I suspect, was on the wall in my college dorm room … Go Dawgs!). I wonder if all the stores profiled in the story “Record Shopping in the U.S.” are still around. I know Lou’s Records in Encinitas is still here, and I think Waterloo Records in Austin is still around. But my favorite thing in the magazine is an ad for David Carson Design. “Nail it,” his ad says. Love it!

Odd coincidence of note: David Carson lived in Del Mar, California, then moved to Charleston South Carolina; I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, then moved to Del Mar, California.

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nostalgic for: charley harper

charley harper books, available at SoLo

Most of my elementary school days were spent in Cincinnati, Ohio. I remember going to the zoo and asking the ticket lady for extra stickers … they were designed by Charley Harper; my mom and I had a whole stash of them. Since then I’ve moved at least a dozen times, and unfortunately the stickers are lost. But I’d love one of these books (available at SoLo) to fill the void! I love how Mr. Harper was able to convey a peaceful quiet with just a few strokes. Lovely.

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wish list: books

Just a few books on my wish list this year. I recently checked out this Edith Wharton anthology from my local library. While on my trip to New York in October I re-read The House of Mirth and The Reef, which I found to be a tad on the depressing side. I’m about to start The Custom of the Country, and am biding time to re-read my very favorite book ever: The Age of Innocence. I’d love to add the anthology to my library shelves, as I often turn to Wharton when I’m feeling anxious (and who isn’t these days?). I’ve read The Age of Innocence at least a dozen times since the first time (Junior English class … thanks, Mr. Kelly!)

The Jonathan Adler book is one I’m itching to read. I really admire how he has taken his passion for his craft and applied it to bulding an entire brand. Another one that has been on my wish list forever is Lulu. I love her use of color and how she integrates fun, play, and her personal life experiences into her art. Note to Santa… Lulu is on sale!

If you have a design lover on your holiday shopping list, any of these books would score well: Adler for the entrepreneur, Lulu for the artist, Domino for the friend who is forever moving her furniture around. Ethan Frome is great for a teenager (it’s FULL of serious angst!); and anything by Cormac McCarthy would be appreciated by someone wishing to get in touch with their an inner-cowboy.

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van gogh for kids

This do-it-yourself art book for kids is near the top of MY list for Santa this year.

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