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Delphine featured in Romantic Homes June 2013

Delphine in the press Romantic Homes June 2013A while back I teamed up with some super talented San Diego friends to produce a lovely inspiration shoot. Styled by Adrianne Smith and yours truly, photographed by Jennifer Dery, and first published on Cyd’s blog, The Sweetest Occasion, it was picked up again by Romantic Homes and appeared in their pages earlier this summer.

Delphine in the press Romantic Homes June 2013

To see all the pics, check out the original post. Thanks so much to everyone involved in this amazing shoot!

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geek chic for 2011 design & blog conferences

Normally at this time of year I’d be starting to freak out about trade shows. Atlanta just passed, NYIGF is going on right about now, and the National Stationery Show is coming up in just a few months. In years past, I’d be a hot mess right now, trying to finish up collections, make travel arrangements, scrape together pennies, design my booth, and schedule meetings on the other side of the country, all the while juggling running my business, design projects, and family life.

This year I’ve decided to take time off from the shows. That’s right: Delphine will not be exhibiting this year. A lot of factors went into this decision, but the major one was my sanity. I was a little worried that I would feel left out as the tweets started pouring in from Atlanta and NYIGF, but instead I just feel relief. I really can honestly say that I don’t miss the shows at all. I do miss seeing my friends, but the shows themselves: nope.

Not doing the shows left me with time to fill my calender with some of the things I’ve always wanted to do: like enjoy lectures and design conferences. This year quite a few are right here in San Diego (BlogHer, Engage11, and my favorite conference: the Y Conference). I haven’t decided if I’ll go to all three yet, but for sure I’ll be at two of them.

In preparation for the Y Conference, I am hoping to splurge on a few things I’ve been needing wanting for a while now: 1} a brand new field note book from russell+hazel, and 2} a bright yellow Caran D’ache pen to record all the genius things I learn at the lectures. Nobody will want to be near me if I’m not properly caffeinated, so 3} a new yellow travel mug for coffee (Crate and Barrel) is in order. I swear we used to have a dozen travel mugs and they’ve all managed to disappear. Does that happen at your house? Where do all the travel mugs go?  It has been a few years since I got a new pair of glasses, and I’m totally in love with everything about 4} these Warby Parker frames.

It can get chilly in lecture halls, so a bright yet cozy scarf like 5} this lightweight yellow and white scarf from J. Crew would be lovely to have stashed in 7} a chic and understated waxed canvas tote bag (also from J. Crew). John, I can hear you … and the answer is no, it is NOT POSSIBLE to have too many tote bags. Besides, I don’t have anything as cool as this one. For real.  When attending design conference, there are almost always swag stations sponsor rooms. For these, it is imperitive to have a supply of up to date business cards. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to hand a new friend a fresh card from a 8} swanky metallic leather business card holder, not a beat up one from the bottom of your tote bag that’s covered in gum, pen marks or cracker crumbs. It goes without saying that 9} new shoes—stylish but comfy ones by Tom’s—would be super nice to have, too.

A friend has convinced me to join the Greeting Card Association. I was on the fence about it, until I realized that the annual conference will be in 6} Austin this year. My two best friends in the whole world live there, (surpise R + D! I’m coming to visit this summer at long last).

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blog love: creature comforts

Have you seen Ez’s new column on Creature Comforts, “How Do I Wear…”? I have a sequins top hanging patiently in my closet, but was completely stumped for new ideas on how to wear it. Inspired by her “chic for cheap” column, I emailed Ez for suggestions and voila, a new column was born. Many thanks to Ez for giving me two new outfit ideas! I’ll be wearing one of them this weekend at my first holiday party of the season.

Oh, and if you haven’t already visited, check out her fabulous new magazine, Gifted, for lots of great gift (and packaging) ideas. I promise it will help you finish up your holiday shopping in no time.

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in the press: stroller traffic

Many thanks to Stroller Traffic for asking me to take part in an interview about the top trends this season in holiday cards. Click on over to StrollerTraffic.com to read what I have to say about the top 10 holiday card trends for 2010.

Which reminds me … have you ordered your holiday cards yet? It’s November now, and even though it was literally over 100 degrees at the studio yesterday, we are in the holiday spirit! We have lots of fun new holiday designs on our website, including Reindeer in Houndstooth, designed by Plaid Design for Delphine:

photo by Courtney Yee for Delphine

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zine love: lonny magazine

Lonny magazine keeps getting better and better. I’m happy that online magazines are filling the gap in the shelter magazine space, and Lonny is my favorite of the bunch. One of the nicest things is that an online magazine isn’t really limited by space in the magazine, so they can run longer stories with more pages of photos. Here are a few of my favorite stories from the August issue:

I was thrilled to see a profile on Virginia Tupker, a stylist and home market editor at Vogue. I’ve bumped into Virginia many times at many many trade shows. The first time I met her I was floored by her incredible sense of style. I remember telling my mom something like “she belongs in Vogue, she is so chic” and my mom (a French woman who knows a thing or two about being chic) told me something like “darling, she works there” and then told me to turn over the business card Virginia had handed me. Every time I see Virginia at The Javits Center (not the easiest place to keep your cool) she looks amazing. But what really stands out is that she is one of the most gracious editors I’ve ever dealt with. Thanks, Lonny, for offering me a peek inside Virginia’s world.


The cheeky style of Ben Brougham’s little NYC apartment makes me want to drop in for a cocktail. Something tells me he has frozen vodka at the ready. How cool is that rope pattern wallpaper? The color combo in these shots is one of my all time favorites. One of these days I’ll get a client I can convince to go for this quirky color pairing.

My favorite photograph from the issue. Ben Brougham’s apartment again.


Rachel Ashwell is back! While I think I’d get bored living with Shabby Chic style all the time (I love color too much to give it up), I still think her style is iconic and inspiring. I especially love how unpretentious her look is.

Have I ever told you what my dream job would be if I weren’t a graphic designer? I’d be a magazine editor. When I was a journalism student my plan was to launch my own wedding magazine, so I guess I’ve always had a thing for the bridal market.

All images from Lonny Magazine August 2010 issue.

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in the press: a casual italian inspired reception

Many thanks to Weddings Unveiled for posting all about the Italian-inspired “Vino e Formaggio” shoot that Adrianne Smith and I designed (and captured stunningly by Jennifer Dery). Please head over to Completely Unveiled by Weddings Unveiled blog to read all about it. Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.

That’s my kitty, Ajax, checking to see if the cheese is ripe.


Stunning floral arrangement by Adrianne Smith Floral Design. Featuring the star of the show: gorgeous café au lait dahlias, garden roses, and oranges fresh from our backyard.

Grazie to everyone who helped with the photo shoot. You know who you are … big big hugs to each and every one of you. xoxoxo.

The Scoop: EVENT DESIGN and STYLING: Adrianne Smith (www.asmithfloral.com) and Erika Firm (www.delphinepress.com)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jennifer Dery, www.jenniferdery.com

CHEESE and CATERING: Dolce Pane & Vino, www.dolcepaneevino.com  

FLOWERS: Adrianne Smith Floral Design, www.asmithfloral.com

MENUS and PARTY FAVORS: Delphine, www.delphinepress.com 

VINTAGE PROPS: Sainte Béatrice, www.etsy.com/shop/saintebeatrice

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pretty please …

Pretty please … help me make my blog better. I’m so thankful for you, sweet readers. I love to hear from you! Please let me know what sort of content you like/dislike/crave/want more of. I truly love hearing your comments on posts, so don’t be shy! Honestly sometimes I feel like I’m talking to an empty room and your little notes reassure me that I’m not alone here. Finally, a reminder that you can catch each & every post by subscribing (click the RSS feed button at the top of the right hand column).

Merci beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup!

PS if you’d rather keep your notes private you may email me directly: erika [at] delphinepress [dot] com.

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blog love: the wedding chicks

Many many thanks to Krystel Tien of Couture Events for asking me to be a part of her amazing Alice in Wonderland wedding shoot. I had such a great time designing the paper goods that they have inspired a new wedding suite (coming soon: Wonderland).

Extra special thanks to the sweet ladies at The Wedding Chicks for posting our little adventure on their delicious blog today. Please visit The Wedding Chicks to see more photos of the Alice in Wonderland adventure that Krystel created.

UPDATE:  WONDERLAND save the dates and wedding invitations are live on our site.

Coordination: Couture Events
Photography: Joielala Photography
Stationery: Delphine
Florist: The Floral Department
Cupcakes: Cupcake Love
Make up Artist: Think Pink, Dana Marie
Hair: Shawna Messner- shawnanana1@yahoo.com
Gowns: M Bride
Cake: The French Gourmet
Linens: The Floral Department for La Tavola Linen
Bracelets and paper florals: The Vintage Rabbit
Hair Accessories: Radokri
Model: Ari Cover
Bunnies: Ashli Hurst – ashlihurst@yahoo.com
Creative Director: Krystel Tien

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it’s an honor to be nominated …

I just found out that this blog has been nominated for Best Vendor Blog in WeddingChannel.com‘s annual Best Bridal Blog contest! Merci beaucoup to all who nominated Delphine-Ephemera as best Vendor Blog! Please click over to WeddingChannel.com to vote for us.

Smooches, E.

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blog love: 3 blogs about blogging & business

Looking for some help with your business or your blog … or your blogging business? Check out these three  blogs by three inspiring women.

First up:  Edit and Post, by Ami Price of Elizabeth Anne Designs, covers the business and blogging. Ami has an MBA and delves into the nitty gritty with topics like “debits are not additions and credits are not subtractions.” The clean and clear look of this site is echoed in her straighforward writing style, which makes even difficult subject like accounting seem simple.

Second: Creature Comfots Guide for Better Blogging, by Ez of Creature Comforts. The name says it all. This series of informative posts is for the beginning blogger, advertiser, professional blogger, and everyone in between. Ez has also set up a forum, where readers can ask questions and interact. I highly recommend making a pot of tea, grabbing a snack, and finding a cozy seat before sitting down to this one.

Third: The fabulous Biz Ladies series, gathered by Grace of Design Sponge. This series of posts is invaluable to anyone starting out in business. In fact, whenever someone emails me for business advice I point them to this series and to the book Craft, Inc. and tell them to come back to me after studying them if they still have questions! Topics range from tips on writing a business plan, to tax info for small business, to social media tips, to how to shoot product photography. Even if you already have a successful business, the tips in this series have a lot to offer and can inspire you to grow.

Fourth (not shown): Back Stage by Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty. It’s a place to “talk shop.” Although Abby doesn’t update it very often (she is busy with a toddler and a huge business to tend, after all), the posts that do go up are thought provoking and inspire great conversations. On this blog be sure to read all the comments. It’s a great read!

Just imagine if you took one hour out of your work week every week to focus on building your business via education? I often get caught up in the daily grind of running a business: preparing quotes, updating proofs, running errands, answering emails, returning phone calls, sketching new logos … that I don’t leave time to challenge my brain, learn and grow. Today I’m taking an hour to catch up on the latest posts on these blogs.

Let me know if you recommend other blogs about the business of being creative. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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