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behind the scenes: styling a photo shoot

Don’t you just love these colors? Alicia and Jeffrey picked a bright, bold color combo—red and robin’s egg blue—for their Meeting Street wedding invitations. I think their guests know they are in for a fun party.

We’re working on a website update and part of it is a bunch of new photos. One of the most fun parts of my job is styling the invitation photos for our website. I get a lot of questions about how I do this, so I thought I’d share a few of my sources.

I really believe in looking within the studio first, before going out to buy something special for a shoot. Open your cabinets and drawers and dig deep — you’ll find interesting goodies, I promise. When I’m out shopping I always check the clearance aisles and dollar bins. I’ve found the loveliest props for photo shoots there, and I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $5 on something I bought specifically as a photo shoot prop.

Anyway, here are a few details from a recent shoot, along with the sources for all the props.

1. Monogram personal stationery: Mini binder from Russell+Hazel; rubber bands, Sharpies, markers & pens from deep in the drawers in our studio; John’s USMC mug; a packet of Splenda from a coffee shop; Beemans gum — I picked this up at the local grocery store over the holidays because I thought it would make a cute prop some day.

2. Kent personal stationery: custom rubber stamp from our very first Monday Morning Mimosas event; a pink eraser from the sale bin during Back To School days at Target (my favorite time of the year … I just stand there in the school supply section and soak it all in); and mini sticky notes from Russell+Hazel.

3. Arizona cactus wedding invitation: green binder clip from Staples; vintage stamps — I picked most of my collection of vintage stamps up at a flea market in Paris.

4. Chrysanthemums wedding invitation: turquoise necklace my mom made for me; MOR lip glosses from Dreamy; butterfly from Shinoda; fruit stamps from my collection.

5: Robin wedding invitation: thread, thimble and sewing supplies from Mémé Delphine’s sewing kit. The pencil is also hers — it’s probably older than me!

6. Ava wedding invitation: drink ticket from last year’s Y Conference; stamp from my personal collection.

7. Ava save the date: stamps from my personal collection; match box from the Delphine for For Your Party collection; cute 2 franc plate from the sale room at Anthropologie.

8. Meeting Street wedding invitation: bakers twine from Etsy (sorry! I don’t remember which shop); a red binder clip; markers; Stella Artois mint tin from a Riveria party goodie bag many years ago; peanuts from the grocery store; the red pastic “key” came as part of the packaging with a key cover I got for Christmas.

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