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Pickle Chips | a Delicious Green Color Palette

green and yellow pickle chips color palette via delphineI picked these Lays dill pickle chips up at the Coming Street corner store the other day. The flavor intrigued me (and I’m happy to report they are delicious). Also noticed that the colors on the package are my favorites … lime greens and yellows. Then I noticed that the colors match my Orla Kiely wallet perfectly. I guess I’m pretty predictable when it comes to favorite color palettes.

//photo by Erika Firm for Delphine

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color palette: summer’s end yellow green & white

// photo: Beatrice Firm

The rich, saturated color palette here reminds me that summer’s end is around the corner. There is something overripe and sticky hot sweet about this photo. Maybe it’s just that the deep forest, white and freesia yellows remind me of magnolia blossoms and sticky hot Charleston summers. My mom snapped the photo a few weeks ago at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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invitation color palette: mimosa yellow and sky blue

Early 2011 wedding invitation color combination trend report: blue and yellow! Yay!

In 2010 we printed purple wedding invitation after lavender wedding invitation after aubergine wedding invitation after lilac wedding invitation … I am the first to admit that purple is not my favorite color, so I have to say that I am thrilled to see this purple color trend starting to die down.

Last year we printed a ton of purple for wedding, like this Meeting Street invitation.

So what is replacing it, you may ask? Well, I think it’s a little too early to identify a sure wedding color trend, but we getting more than a few sample kit requests for yellow and blue combos. I love this combination — it’s just so HAPPY and perfect for a summer wedding.

Our HIBISCUS wedding invitation, letterpressed in blue and mimosa inks.

Yellow also looks great paired with charcoal grey, doesn’t it? This is our Etienne save the date with a freesia yellow background.

We’re also seeing lots of light pink and muted metallic sample requests, which I think is just the dreamiest, most romantic color combo for a wedding. We’re working on getting a photo shoot together, so I promise more photos of these new trends in wedding invitation color combos very soon!

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