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Here at Delphine we are truly honored to have been chosen as a featured vendor on Abe’s Market. Besides being a great concept (eco-friendly goods all in one spot!) and having one of the cutest logos around (a shopping bear!), Abe’s Market is run by a super team (smart and nice!), determined to help each of their vendors rise. Last week John and I tuned into a webinar hosted by Abe’s Market during a lunch break from the NYIGF floor. The speaker, Perry Abbenante, is the former lead buyer at Whole Foods Market. He had lots of great stuff to say, but I am so thankful that he threw out this gem:

“It’s simple: spend the money on great packaging. You won’t regret it.” I wish I could put that little snippet on tape and play it at the beginning, middle and end of every meeting with a design client!

Pictured above: some of my personal favorite examples of fantastic packaging design: MOR Cosmetics and IZZE soda.



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