Blue and Silver Holiday Dessert Bar

Holiday Dessert Bar Buffet Styling by DelphineI had so much fun styling Jessica Davis‘s holiday party dessert bar. She thought I was crazy when I asked her to empty out her hutch so I could use it for displaying the dessert goodies (usually it’s full of baby blankets and other kids photography photo shoot props).

The candy bar had a pale blue, white and silver theme. Of course there aren’t too many foods out there that are blue, so most everything was white. We made an exception to the color palette rule for chocolate! I used lots of white candy dishes, bowls and plates to create different heights and layers. Then I threw in some turquoise, white and silver Christmas ornaments and glittery props. Everything shown is from Jessica, her fiancé, or my personal collection.

The party was a great success. Jessica raised well over $1,000 for OMO CHILD, and I am so happy to say that the raffle prizes were a hit. My son won the iPad! He hasn’t put it down since!

//photos: Erika Firm

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