sweet strawberries

When I was a little girl, my Mémé Delphine gave me a set of sweet strawberry note paper. I remember opening and closing the box, counting each sheet, and carefully writing a thank you note to her, but not wanting to use the rest of the note paper. It went into my “museum” of special objects: a green box that went in a special drawer of my desk. Those strawberry note sheets started my love of stationery, and the memory was the inspiration for these strawberry notes that I printed for my bff’s five-year-old daughter, Leah.

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2 Responses to sweet strawberries

  1. tracie says:

    love, LOVE! and i can so relate to the special box of stationery … i still have mine and can recall the specialness of each piece!

  2. wad says:

    so sweet! I love the strawberry ribbon as well.

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