not too spooky: halloween party ideas

We have a first grader who is a little young for lots of the scarier Halloween party ideas out there. Here are some of my favorite not too spooky ideas to celebrate this ghoulish holiday.

1: Bat Halloween Party Invitation from hint at a spooky time, but won’t totally scare off a kid from coming to the party   2: Decorating Bat cookies (cutter from Copper Gifts) and  3: Ghost cookies (cutter from Wilton) would make a fun party activity. Have older siblings or an adult ice all the cookies, and let the little ones shake shake shake the sprinkles all over & add the spooky eyes.

4: I love these scary scientific bottle labels from Martha Stewart for Grandin Road — put on fruit punch bottles for the kids and some nice Cabernet for the grown ups.  5:The spider vase fillers (from Pottery Barn) are so oversize and borderline cute that they won’t completely freak out the kids. 6: The Skeletal System Anatomical Chart is the real thing (found Birdie1′s Etsy shop). A little creepy, but cool.

 7: So it’s a little on the overboard side, but how amazing would it be to wallpaper a wall in your dining room with this spooky Woods wallpaper by Cole & Son? 8: I suggested this black bird/crow costume (found on to my son, but he said he’d rather be a bumblebee. “Awwww, cute,” I said. “I think you’d be an adorable bumblebee.”

“Yeah. So I can have a stinger on my butt,” he said.

Oh, right. Of course. 

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  1. peta says:

    love the poison bottle labels. gonna go get.

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