in the press: Charleston Weddings Magazine

It’s hard to explain what this press clipping in Charleston Weddings magazine means to me. Charleston is my “hometown” (in quotes since technically I’m a Yankee: I was born in NYC).

My first great work experience was as an editorial intern at Charleston magazine. Though I was an editorial intern and most of my duties included writing and editing, I found my real passion in the art director’s office. Melinda Smith-Monk was so kind to me. She let me watch her work, she let me help out at photo shoots, she let me ask a zillion questions, she let me make mistakes, she let me pick the ink color for a cover, she let me model. And she made me think about a career in design.

All the editors I worked with at Charleston are long gone, and while Mel is still art director, I’m not sure she would even remember who I am (it was many years ago!). I am eternally grateful for the experience of working with such great talent, and it is a supreme thrill to have my work grace the pages of a magazine so near and dear to my heart.

Oh, and the invitations in the clipping were inspired by Charleston, too.

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2 Responses to in the press: Charleston Weddings Magazine

  1. what a sweet and uplifting post! I have interviewed with her and she is such a nice person. as a freelance graphic designer here, it is soo tough landing a full-time job! I saw your stationery in the magazine’s latest wedding edition. being a designer anywhere can be very difficult during these economic times! thanks for the positive post about charleston and design!

  2. delphine says:

    Though So Cal livin’ is pretty sweet, I know in my heart I’ll be back in Charleston someday. Would love to meet you!

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