6 Responses to Kids Photography Logo and Identity for Jessica Davis Photography; Branding by Delphine

  1. Thank you so much for my beautiful branding!!!! I couldn’t be happier! Erika, you are ridiculously talented!!!
    MUAHHH xoox

  2. Sarah June says:

    Just wanted to say, this is the cutest, sophisticated business cards I ever saw! I have a question. I am a photography student, just beginning to market myself. And I was wondering what was your experience with setting up your very first website? Did you use one of the website generators like wix or webs? Any tips you have for me would be great, thanks!

    • Erika Firm says:

      Hi Sarah. My very first website … that was probably 1999 and I designed and coded it in HTML myself ; ) If I were to do it from scratch now I’d go with a cool theme from ThemeForest and do a WordPress site. : ) Good luck! -Erika

  3. z says:

    Lovely packaging! Where did you purchase the boxes? Thanks.

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