Hand Lettered Vintage Signage around Charleston

hand lettered vintage pawn shop sign in charleston south carolina scI’m (re)settling into Charleston. The other day a lady told me she was happy to hear that I design stationery because she is hosting a Geechee Supper for her Ya Yas and wants to gift correspondence to one of them who is having a birthday. I totally understood what she was saying without a translator! Also, a few weeks ago I had my first honk – n – wave from a friend driving by, I’ve become a regular at a coffee shop, and last night I sat next to someone I know at the movie theater completely by accident.

One of the things I really adore about this beautiful city is all the wonderful hand lettered signage. I’m not sure how much longer this beauty, from a now closed pawn shop on Upper King Street, is going to be around.

//photo: Erika Firm | Delphine


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