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Yesterday I stumbled upon a lovely blog, For The Love of Type. Oh, my, WORD. Wonderful! Why yes, that is Mr Eaves XL Sans Ultra Italic  on the cupcakes. The blogess (she calls herself Mrs. Eaves, which, if you’re a  nerd like me, you’ll find funny). Her real name is Gemma O’Brien, and she is an Australian designer. I especially like the “typespotting” posts — sort of a spotted in the wild sort of column. If you love type, this blog is a must read. There’s a great video of Mrs. Eaves “tattooing” herself with a Sharpie on the streets of Berlin (? at least it looks like Berlin to me) on the blog. I’ve seen the whole type all over the body thing before (mens magazines seem to love this concept), and of course Stephen Sagmeister’s famous razored type poster, but seeing Mrs. Eaves write all over herself brings it to a whole new level. Pretty amazing. I’m seriously blown away. Am I gushing too much? Take a look at the site and you’ll understand why.

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2 Responses to blog love: for the love of type

  1. Sarah Fox says:

    I am in your group on the BYW course and thought I would stop by! I too love type and this post really caught my eye!
    Love your blog by the way, so much to read and look at. Lovely

  2. Renee says:

    Hi Erika,
    As an someone who is in the early phases of launching a little custom invitation company, I a completely and madly in love with your work. You are fab-u-lous!

    (a BYW team member}


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