Dear Delphine, How do I announce my son’s engagement?

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Is it proper for the groom’s parents to announce their son’s engagement to their friends?

My husband and I have lived in several places over the years and we have friends that would like to know about our son’s engagement but won’t be invited to the wedding.  They have known him his entire life and would feel left out if we do not notify them.

I would like to include a photograph of the couple, but what would I say?  I would like to add no gifts expected.

Thanks for your input,
Mary F.
Massanutten, VA

Etiquette Tip GroomFrom time to time we get wedding etiquette questions here at the studio. Mrs. F’s question is so sweet, isn’t it? Here’s the advice we shared with her:

Dear Mrs. F.,
How delightful! The best way to share the wonderful news about your son’s engagement is with a handwritten note to your friends. Jot a quick, personal hello and tell your friends how thrilled you are. It’s perfectly acceptable to include a photograph of the couple.

It is unnecessary to write “no gifts expected” in a personal note (information about gifts is best left to shower invitations or word of mouth).

Traditionally, the “official” engagement notice is published in the bride’s local newspaper by the bride’s parents. If the bride’s family plans to do this you may include a photocopy of the notice in your note to friends

The bride’s family (or the couple) may choose to send engagement notice or a “save the date” card to guests who will be invited to the wedding.

Warm regards,

If you have any burning wedding invitation questions, shoot them our way; we’re happy to help!

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