8 Responses to adrianne smith floral design branding by delphine

  1. Amy says:

    BEAUUUUUUUTIFUL! Love love love!

  2. Claudia says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! A perfect match to Adrianne’s beautiful arrangements.
    And congrats on the new blog look! I love it!

    • Erika Firm says:

      Thanks, Claudia & Annette : ) I really appreciate your support. Thanks so much for visiting my new blog.

  3. yumminess! is that even a word? green and browns…. well done! love it!

  4. Jennifer Rea says:

    I love Adrianne’s new site. I was just on there the other day and thought it looked so fresh and beautiful. I’m not surprised at all that it turned out to be designed by you!

  5. carl says:

    floral design is fantastic, but that is to be expected from such a talented Adrianne

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