Pirates in the Boys’ Room

Pirate Fabric Vinyl Wall Decals by Love Mae via DelphineAhoy, mateys! How stinkin’ cute are these pirate ship fabric wall decals by Love Mae? Just think of the stories you could make up at bedtime about these guys. That octopus looks mighty sneaky. I wonder if he knows it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Daytoday??

vintage car and vintage robot vinyl fabric wall decals by Love Mae via DelphineWe’re not up for painting our son’s room this year, but his new room could certainly use some color and fun. I think these retro – cool decals are the perfect way to add some charm to his room without breaking a sweat with a paint brush. The stickers are made of adhesive fabric, so they are removable and reusable — I think he’ll have fun rearranging them. Love Mae also has some super adorable girls’ room decals (think ponies and woodland creatures and other charming scenes). They even have a circus scene. Ridiculously adorable!

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