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  1. Cristina says:

    Gorgeous! Great post, Erika! I enjoyed reading it. I want to shop there, for sure!

  2. Joe Williams says:

    A little more about the Domestica logo I was lucky enough to help Chrissy with back in September 2009.

    1. I would say Chrissy's 1st draft was more like a bird in that it was sideways and had a defined beak. I really liked the body shape but saw something more iconic when I rotated it so the points faced upwards.
    2. I don't think I've ever even told Chrissy this but I think of the logo now as a hen rather then a bird.
    3. Chrissy, Danelle and I are all huge Charles Harper fans and this is probably the most influenced by him thing I have ever done.
    4. Mostly I want to say thanks to Chrissy for passing me a great concept to help her on. Its great that the logo resonates with people, in identity work there is no higher compliment.

  3. Chrissy says:


    Thank you so much for choosing us for your Logo Crush feature and for a wonderful post – you make me blush. I love Domestica + all the cool people I get to meet because of it – I hope the logo expresses that. Again thanks – I love your blog.

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