kids party: scooch is 5

big boy orange birthday party

Last week our son turned five. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. When I was trying to come up with a theme for his party, he told me he wanted a “Big Boy” party. To him, “Big Boy” means this big steam locomotive; to everyone else it means, well, Big Boy! I put a picture of the train on his invitation, and on the goodie bags, but otherwise I went with orange as the theme. It’s his favorite color and his favorite fruit. He loves to pick oranges and tangerines from our orchard, so we gave a sack of them away to all the guests (pretty and free!). The kids drank clementine Izze soda and at cocktail hour the adults drank ruby red and clementine martinis. I made cupcakes with an orange-flavored icing, and decorated the table with all the orange things I could find in my house (which was not difficult, since it’s one of my favorite colors and was the theme of a few of our delphine trade show booths).

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