color palette: dark teals inspired by girl with dragon tattoo film

Screen captures from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I love watching movies on my laptop while I’m working on tedious repetitive projects. Usually I have the movie showing in a little box in the corner of my screen. However 5 minutes into The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and my work file was forgotten and the film was full screen! The story is thrilling (after seeing this I went to the library so I could read all three books in the trilogy). But the visuals of this film are what really hooked me. The set design is truly stunning.

The color palette of this film, which is a dark thriller set in Sweden during winter, is a moody mix of cool dark blue greens and near-blacks: teal, verdigris, slate, stone and nightmare black. There were also some ochres and sepias in some of the interior shots. 

So far this year, a turquoise, sky blue, mimosa yellow and lemon yellow color palette has been the best-selling ink colors for spring and summer wedding invitations. I predict the palette will darken a bit into darker versions of those same colors (like shown above) for fall and winter weddings. In the film the colors were dark and moody, but for a wedding I think they work really well, too. There’s something quite romantic about this color palette, don’t you think? I love the giant house in the top left corner. Wouldn’t you love to attend a wedding there? Sweden is now on my list of places I’d love to visit.

Screen captures from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  • REMINDER: you can click on just about any picture on this blog to see it larger.

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2 Responses to color palette: dark teals inspired by girl with dragon tattoo film

  1. Lisa says:

    I love teal and dark slate and stone colors! Beautiful!

  2. erika firm says:

    Me, too! I think they'd be awesome for a late fall or winter wedding. So sexy and romantic!
    Thanks for your comment, Lisa.

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