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Pin of the Week | Hunters Alley

delphine pinterest pin of the week hunters alleyThis week’s Pin of the Week is super exciting. Have you heard One Kings Lane has a sister site? Like a cool younger sister who moved to LA on a whim, wears the coolest vintage clothes, knows where the best thrift stores are, and sips chai tea lattes (iced, with almond milk) all day.  HUNTERS ALLEY is just for design lovers. It connects shoppers and sellers with beautiful treasures. I’m in love! 


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week in review: january 24 2011

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. The week was a bit of a blur, as I’m recovering from a double whammie of a painful kidney infection AND a cold (and allergies to my beloved mimosas, which are in bloom on our property now … so I guess technically it’s a triple whammie). But work in the studio went on …

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

• I shared the final post about our son’s Root Beer Kegger 7th Birthday party (promise I’m done chatting about that now). 

• Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I laid out the perfect Valentine’s Day date outfit (now if only I could convince  my husband to take me on a date!)

• I shared images of one of my very favorite graphic design projects of all time: seed packet packaging designs for Isabella Smith. This project was a joy to work on!

• Christian Dior inspired me with some truly fantabulous gowns. So dreamy!

• Kathy and I started working on plans for North County Graphic Design (NCGD) for 2011. I’m super excited about what we have in store for the year! If you’re interested in helping out, joining, or just have suggestions please comment or contact me directly : )

This weekend there will be mad work done on the Delphine website, so if something is buggy please let us know. We’re adding new designs all the time — to spot them first check out the Save the Date section of the site. I’m most excited about making Valentine’s Day cards with my first grader. He’s not fired up about it, even though I promised glitter, glue, scissors, pretty papers and doilies. I have a feeling I will be doing all the crafting. Any ideas on how to get a 7 year old boy excited about Valentine’s Day? He’s supposed to make 20 cards for his classmates, and I have a feeling I may need to resort to bribery (candy).

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behind the scenes: design is art show

I had a great time last night at the ART IS DESIGN? SHOW at Basic in San Diego. I was lucky to exhibit not in the gallery, but right next to Jennifer Price’s pop-up shop. It was tough to stare enviously at all her amazing furniture and vintage and found treasures last night and not spend my last dime.

Unfortunately I lost my voice early in the evening (it was crazy loud in there) so I didn’t get to chit chat or mingle as much as I had hoped. Many thanks to everyone who came out to support design last night!

photos ©Delphine

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ring me up: vintage telephones

You know how some places just have a super fun vibe about them? (Think the opposite of this blah boring boringness). Well, over the holiday weekend I went to a fantabulous party at a fellow wedding industry pal’s summer beach rental. A’s home has such a wonderful feeling to it. You walk in and know that there is a lot of fun going on there! I told her I felt like I was at summer camp as I oohed and ahhed over all the quirky details in the place (an open skylight in the bathroom; a fireplace in the dining room complete with rotisserie, a kitchy mural of hawaii in the basement). I fell in love with two things in particular: a giant vintage flower farm hand painted wood sign (promise next time I go over I’ll bring my camera), and a bubblegum pink rotary wall phone. Got me thinking …. hmmmm … my studio could use a vintage phone, couldn’t it? I found 3 phones I like so far (still searching for that perfect one).

1. Vintage mustard yellow telephone, Ebay.   2. Vintage aqua bell rotary telephone, Ebay.   3. Vintage aqua blue wall mounted telephone,

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wish list: vintage office supplies

I have a soft spot for vintage office supplies. Truth be told, they need not even be vintage for me to love them. There is a reason why I do my office supply shopping online: so I don’t buy up the entire Staples store!

I found all three of these “must haves” for my studio on Etsy. The vintage green clip board would look awesome hanging on the wall in my studio with the day’s “to do” items listed. The vintage rubber stamp caddy would be nice to have, too. Right now all my stamps are piled in a giant jar, which is pretty inconvenient (J: this would improve studio efficiency AND look cool!).

Is it just me, or do these vintage paper clips look a little dangerous? I am constantly running out of paper clips (I use them more than staples because my pressman likes to spread proofs out, not have them stuck together). So I neeeeed these, right?

Photos from each Etsy shop. Clip board: Ephemera and More; Stamp holder: Vintage Rerun; Vintage paper clips: DotDotDotShop.

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pretty neat

I just adore this darling tiered display stand made from vintage china. Of course it would be great for a tea party or dessert buffet, but I can also see it being used everyday: pile jewelry on it for display (and easy access) on your vanity, or pile darling macaron soaps on it for a sweet look in the guest bath. Just be sure to warn your guests not the eat the soap …

Display Stand by OrangeandBlossom; Macaron soap by KcSoapsnMore. Both found on Etsy.

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vintage treasure: cb vintage shop

Vintage treasures are one of my weak spots (along with chocolate chip cookies, crepes and kittens). Sarah Darcy (of Classic Bride fame) recently launched a darling shop full of vintage goodies. I’m particularly smitten with this cupid’s arrow brooch, which reminds me of my all time favorite book, The Age of Innocence (by Edith Wharton, in which Newland Archer gives his bride to be, May Wellend, a diamond tipped brooch after she wins an archery contest).

More goodies from CB Vintage: I can’t get enough of vintage keys! When I was in Brooklyn this Spring I saw lots (LOTS) of hipsters wearing vintage skeleton keys around their necks. Besides looking trés chic, Sarah explains that the keys symbolize the doors of opportunity and success! And oh, vintage globes. I have a new one in my son’s play room and he and I have a lot of fun spinning it and looking up facts about the spots we “land” on with our fingers. A vintage one would be a super prop at a wedding, especially for an international couple. How fun for guests to point out to each other where they are from?!?

More treasures. Can’t you see that vintage trophy at a seaside affair, on the bar, perhaps? Tres yacht club chic, daaahling. And I am dying to get my hands on the groovy Biology book. I love love love the graphics on the cover!

PSSSSST … Sarah is moving to Europe soon. To prepare, everything in the shop is 50 percent off! For real! So if you see something you love snatch it up before it’s too late (after June 30 everything is coming down until she returns to the States).

Just a reminder … you may click on any photo in our blog to get a bigger/better view.


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vintage treasure: orange owl bookends

Did you grow up going to garage sales with your mom and aunties? I have such strong memories of being dragged to flea markets with my mom, Aunt Faye, Grandma Bea and Aunt Hop when I was a kid in Ohio. Of course now I would give anything to travel back in time to rummage along side them!

I spotted these terrific orange owl bookends on Etsy the other day in MausHomeVintage‘s shop. I’ve mentioned my thing for Owls a few times before (they remind me of my Grandmother). Would love them for the studio! They would feel right at home in my studio (and I NEED bookends). Added to my wish list. Le sigh.


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vintage: floral wallpaper

wallpaper from second hand rose

Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially creatively challenged, I check out vintage wallpaper patterns for a little inspiration. I like the unexpected color combo here: olive, puce, pale seafoam, and eggplant.

wallpaper from second hand rose

This one makes my inner typofile happy.
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jewel tones

vintage seltzer bottle: jayson home & garden

While I’m usually not a jewel-tone fan, there is something cool about these vintage seltzer bottles from Jayson Home & Garden.

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