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root beer kegger part 5: party preparation

Our son is turning 7 and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration; part 2 for the color palette; part 3 for party decorations/inspiration; and part 4 for root beer kegger food ideas.

Tomorrow is the big party! Last night I freaked out a little because I realized that only people who live out of town rsvpd (no) to the party but nobody local had responded. After a few calls I found out that most locals had not received their invitations!!! I have no idea what happened, because I sent them all on the same day. I’m glad I sent email save the dates, so most everyone is able to come even though they didn’t receive invitations. 

To keep the stress level down, and to make it easy for friends and family to help set up, today I began the party preparation. 1. I made a shopping list for the food I need to pick up this afternoon   2. I pulled out all the dishes and serving bowls that match the décor and stacked them in one spot to make it easier when I start setting the buffet   3. I bought all the party favors (tiny root beer barrel candies) and will package them up for favors later tonight while I watch tv  4. I assembled the “fancy” party favors for the kids   5. I stacked up extra invitations so I can use the paper to cut up and use for display tags   6. I set out all the glasses and paper straws (I had some green and white paper straws left over from an old photo shoot!)   7. I pulled out all the fancy cheese knives   8/9. I put sticky notes on all the serving pieces I plan to use tomorrow with the name of the food item that goes on it. Then I placed everything on the table in the correct spot. This will really help out tomorrow, so I a. remember what food item goes where and b. other people can help without too much supervision. Later today I will go out to pick up the food, bake a cake, and make the goodie bags. Tomorrow I’ll just have to assemble the sandwiches, salad, put out the cheese, pick up ice and party!

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sweet custom kids valentines cards

How cute are these custom kids valentines from I love the cute owl one, and I know my son will love the train! What a cute touch to add your child’s photo to make it more personal?

*note the top right elephant valentine card is designed by Delphine : )

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renovation: plaid for the big boy bedroom

photos by DELPHINE

FINALLY! The plaid dresser is done and put in A’s bedroom. To be fair, I must admit that the dresser started with light blue and white stripes, so we had a head start.

Ever since we finished the room the cat has started hanging out in there.

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renovation: big boy room update

Thought I’d give you a little update on A’s room. All his furniture has been painted. The step stool used to be pink, with white sponge painted details (it was in my bedroom circa 1985). I also painted a boring white shelf from Target — it is now painted grey and is stenciled with meaninful numbers and letters. I WISH I had thought to take a before photo of the bookshelf. It was in really super bad shape. We bought the bookshelf, the paint and the stencils for less than $20. It took a few hours, but stenciling was fun, and totally worth the effort.

A has been sleeping in his “new” room for a week now and he loves it. We have yet to hang the shelves and the curtains (which means he is in OUR room at dawn now, to report “it’s dawn.”) On the agenda for today: hang the curtains!!! Once everything is placed and cleaned up I’ll post some after photos, along with photos of the plaid dresser. Yes, I said plaid. Trust me, it’s cool.

If you have any questions or comments about the room re-do please leave a note. I’d love to hear what you think so far.

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renovation: big boy room inspiration

These are some of the things that inspired A’s “big boy” room renovation. Each of these things has been approved by our son. He’s especially keen on the owl lamp and the hopscotch rug!

1: Owl Table Lamp (West Elm) “Oh, Mommy, I really need this for reading”  2: Pictorial Dictionary (Chronicle) is more for me than him, I think … I love the old illustrations  3: Alphacritters mouse pad (Alexa Pulitzer for Anthropologie) has been purchased — yay! 4: Hopscotch Rug (CB2) is THE missing link to tie the room together … hoping it will go on sale soon  5: Green sand hourglass (CB2) would be awesome for helping to limit computer time  6: Grey stripe flannel pillow (CB2) would be great for the reading chair (which he also needs)  7: Cool white and steel gray metal trunks (CB2) for a secret stash of Legos  8: A picked out these pretty mercury glass knobs (Anthropologie) and I picked out no. 12 knobs (though we decided to keep the clear glass knobs he already has on his furniture).  9: Wire basket would be a perfect “jail” (aka storage) for stuffed animals (Wisteria) 10: Wire shopping basket — fun for putting the kitty in jail, A says (similar at Wisteria)  11. I love the idea of C clamps for book ends (West Elm)

1: Vintage radio (West Elm) would be nice … but I think A wants one that he can plug an iPod into, because he’s only into “music that rocks, and they don’t play music that rocks on the radio.”  2: We have a little mahogany writing desk like this one (sorry, I can’t remember where I found the photo) that we will put in his room as a “homework” desk (to be used for computer games, I’m sure) 3: Menlo lamp (Anthroplogie) is cool — but A really wants the Owl, so maybe Santa will pull through. 4: I cannot remember where I found these  vintage looking metal bins — they would be perfect for storing toys (though I may steal them and put them in my studio)  5: Zinc Letter A (Anthropologie) is the perfect accent for his room. I’ll be using lots of initials and numbers in the décor and furniture design 6: A LOVES to read. I think a cozy wing reading chair like the Ellery chair from West Elm would be sweet in his room. He picked it out himself.  7: We used this Rust-Oleum magnetic paint to apply a giant stripe on his wall. He loves it and can’t wait to start “magneting stuff.”

Progress report: the baseboards are in, the bookshelf is painted, and the bed has been put back in the room. We have to finish up the baseboards (fill the nail holes and touch up the paint), paint the dresser, and re-install the curtains.

UPDATE: I fixed the linnk to the key piece, the hopscotch rug from CB2. Thanks to everyone who let me know the link was wrong. Sorry about that!

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renovation: update

Here’s a little progress report on A’s bedroom renovation. We’ve finished all the room painting, including the magnetic paint stripe, and re-hung the surfboard.

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renovation: a’s “big boy” room

Our first grader has been asking for a “Big Boy Room” for more than a year now. He loves Legos, his kitty, experiments, trains, matchbox cars, computer games, and being mischevious. Two weekends ago we started the project by painting his ceiling white and the walls a medium cool grey with blue undertones.

Before: the entire room was a medium blue shade, which came with the house, and was fine for his baby-blue and white striped furniture and pale green crib.

A few things we’re keeping: his white twin bed with star headboard, Ryan’s surfboard, his armoire and dresser (though they will be repainted), the cute side table, and the star lantern. We’re losing the gross shaggy carpet, the bleached out rug, the “baby” artwork, and the curtains.

This past weekend we finished painting the room and started on the furniture. I’ll post photos soon of the progress. My favorite things so far is a big magnetic strip of paint on one wall, so A can post up favorite pictures.

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not too spooky: halloween party ideas

We have a first grader who is a little young for lots of the scarier Halloween party ideas out there. Here are some of my favorite not too spooky ideas to celebrate this ghoulish holiday.

1: Bat Halloween Party Invitation from hint at a spooky time, but won’t totally scare off a kid from coming to the party   2: Decorating Bat cookies (cutter from Copper Gifts) and  3: Ghost cookies (cutter from Wilton) would make a fun party activity. Have older siblings or an adult ice all the cookies, and let the little ones shake shake shake the sprinkles all over & add the spooky eyes.

4: I love these scary scientific bottle labels from Martha Stewart for Grandin Road — put on fruit punch bottles for the kids and some nice Cabernet for the grown ups.  5:The spider vase fillers (from Pottery Barn) are so oversize and borderline cute that they won’t completely freak out the kids. 6: The Skeletal System Anatomical Chart is the real thing (found Birdie1′s Etsy shop). A little creepy, but cool.

 7: So it’s a little on the overboard side, but how amazing would it be to wallpaper a wall in your dining room with this spooky Woods wallpaper by Cole & Son? 8: I suggested this black bird/crow costume (found on to my son, but he said he’d rather be a bumblebee. “Awwww, cute,” I said. “I think you’d be an adorable bumblebee.”

“Yeah. So I can have a stinger on my butt,” he said.

Oh, right. Of course. 

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holiday preview

I know, I know… it’s not even Halloween yet. But here’s a little peek at our new holiday photo card collection. It’s never too early to get them started! Each photo card design has a matching holiday party invitation design, cocktail napkins, stickers, and other goodies. (above: vertical version of PENNANT by Delphine).

Above: CORIANDER holiday photo card by Delphine.

Above: horizontal version of PENNANT by Delphine.

All designs and photos ©Delphine 2010.

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excuses, excuses …

I know, I’ve neglected the blog this month. Sorry! I hate excuses, but I have to say that with the combo of planning for a sixth birthday party (2 parties, actually), a house full of guests (whom I don’t get to see very often), stomach flu, preparation for NYIGF, creation of a brand new greeting card collection, a few unexpected design opportunities (requiring an updated portfolio), a huge design project with an overseas client, and an overall blah feeling, I’ve been overwhelmed and haven’t done a very good job with this blog thing. Do you ever feel overwhelmed? What do you do to cope? My desk is a real mess right now. I think that I’ll clean it off and have a fresh start…maybe that will help.

One thing that is helping our family stay organized this year is a chalkboard. It’s been collecting cobwebs in the corner of the warehouse for years, but we just cleaned it up and put it up in the kitchen, at 6 year-old eye level, with our son’s to do items for the day. Every morning while he eats breakfast we talk about what we’ll do that day and put it up on the board. I think it helps to have some structure to the day. He also really enjoys checking things off as we complete them. Sometimes he erases things he doesn’t like to do (the word “homework” seems to mysteriously dissapear nearly every day).

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