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Work in Progress | Summer 2013

Delphine studio work in progress summer 2013 sneak peekA little sneak peek at some fun projects we’re working on this summer. It’s holiday year round here at Delphine studio!

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Paper Party! 9th Annual Stationery Meetup

NSS Paper Party 2013 DelphineThe year is just whizzing by. I was scrolling through photos from this year’s Stationery Show and realized I forgot to post photos of our 9th Annual Stationery Meetup invitation. Ooopsie. Here she is. This year I went with something bold and fun, in my favorite colors: emerald green, chartreuse (aka “Delphine green” around the studio), and black.

9th Annual Stationery Meetup 2013 DelphineIt was such a fantastic party. It’s impossible, really, to put it into words. Thanks a million times over to all my favorite paper peeps for celebrating 10 amazing years of Delphine with us, and for being so supportive as we launch our new brand, Chromatic & Co., into the wild. Merci! 

SOURCES | Invitations by Delphine | Calligraphy by Paige.


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We’re Hiring: Production Graphic Designer

delphine is hiringThe Delphine studio is growing! We have an immediate opening for a PRODUCTION GRAPHIC DESIGNER. 

JOB DUTIES: Typesetting wedding invitations using provided templates • Communicating with clients/customer service about their orders • Send print orders into production/coordinate printing with Delphine pressmen and print partners

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Superb typography skills and understanding of fonts, scale, kerning, etc. • Must be proficient in Illustrator CS5 or CS6 • Must know difference between stationery & stationary • Great communication and customer service skills  • Excellent grammar • Knowledge of wedding etiquette helpful 

PERSONAL QUALITIES: Detail oriented, organized, consistent and reliable •  Able to take art direction and willingness to make changes • Excellent communicator • Work well with tight deadlines • Self-motivated • Able to manage multiple projects 

GENERAL NOTES: Position is paid (hourly), full time (40 hrs/week) at our downtown Charleston, SC studio • We are a Mac based studio • Start date: asap • Must live in Charleston area

FOR CONSIDERATION, email with subject line PRODUCTION GRAPHIC DESIGNER and the following:  Cover Letter • PDF Resume • Two professional references • Link to review online portfolio or pdf samples of your work  • No calls or walk-ins, please

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Meet Maggie & Olivia, Delphine Summer Interns

Delphine photography intern MaggieWelcome Delphine Summer Intern Olivia to Charleston SCEveryone, say “bonjour” to our darling new summer interns. Welcome to Charleston, ladies. We’re super thrilled to have you in the Delphine studio.

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Introducing Santa Barbara Wedding Invitation

introducing santa barbara wedding invitations by delphinenew design by delphine santa barbaraIt was a rainy day here at our Charleston studio, but we managed to sneak in a few photos between rain drops of our brand new design. A little bit vintage, a lot pretty … I’m pleased to announce that our new Santa Barbara invitation is now live on Delphine! Inspired by, you guessed it, Santa Barbara, California. It would be great for a fancy barn wedding or rustic ranch wedding, don’t you think? With twinkly lights and sparkly drinks and lace gowns and maybe even some cowboy boots.



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NEW on Chromatic & Co.: The Sweetest Occasion

introducing the sweetest occasion wedding invitations for chromatic & co. Squeal! Soooo so so so sooooo excited to announce that my darling and super talented friend Cyd (you know, the genius behind “The Sweetest Occasion,” the best blog ever) has launched a collection of pretty party and wedding invitations, stationery, party goodies, iPhone cases and other treats over at Chromatic & Co. 

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We’re Hiring!

delphine is hiringThe Delphine studio is growing and we’re looking for an awesome Studio Intern to help manage our blog and our social media presence. If you love paper, are into design, love blogs, love weddings (and love wedding blogs), know the difference between stationery and stationary, know your way around Illustrator, would like to learn about running a small biz/marketing/design/letterpress/social media/the wedding industry, and can commit to 10 hours per week for 12 weeks, then an internship at Delphine might be for you!

WHAT YOU’LL DO: Contribute to advertising, marketing and social media campaigns • Manage social media presence • Manage blog editorial calendar • Develop, design and edit blog columns • Assist with prepping and styling photo shoots

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Practical considerations for marketing and selling design-centric products • Marketing budget considerations • Managing a social media calendar • Close contact with founders of growing design-driven company

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Familiarity with social media (including facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, vine) • Must love blogs • Excellent copywriting skills (including excellent grammar) • Proficiency with Macintosh platform • Proficiency in Illustrator CS5 • Basic Photoshop familiarity • Basic Excel familiarity • Completed at least 2 years of college level courses • Must be able to come into our downtown Charleston, South Carolina studio

PERSONAL QUALITIES: Detail oriented, organized, good with time management, consistent and reliable • Able to take art direction and willingness to make changes • Work will with tight deadlines • Self-starter

GENERAL NOTES: This is a PAID, part-time internship | Start date: Spring 2013  | Hours: 10 per week | Duration of internship: 12 weeks | Class credit is available (depending upon specific institution’s requirements) | Many of our interns go on to freelance for us or work directly with us here in the studio.

TO APPLY, please email erika [at] delphinepress [dot] com with subject line STUDIO INTERN and the following: cover letter • pdf resume • two professional references • link to portfolio or samples of work (copywriting and/or design samples) • link to your blog if you have one • list of your 4 favorite blogs and a short blurb on why you like each one • I’d also love to know a bit about you personally: like your favorite color or your dream vacation spot

PLEASE DO NOT CALL the studio directly. If you have any questions, you may post them in the comments section, or email Erika.  We will update this post once the position is filled.

UPDATE: summer internship slots have been filled.


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Meet Sarah

Meet Delphine graphic designer Sarah Croswell
Meet Delphine Sarah Croswell1.My role at Delphine/what I do all day: 
Make bad decisions look pretty…
2.Describe why you went into graphic design.
It’s always challenging and always changing.
3.Where do you draw inspiration from?
color, other artists, the streets.
4.What would you do if you won the lottery today?
5.What is your favorite font?
It would be easier to tell you my least favorite(s).
6.How do you stay organized?
I prefer organized chaos.
7.Which super-power would you like to have.. mind reading or invisibility?
8.What do you listen to while working?
Anything Pandora throws at me… I’ve got pretty eclectic taste. It all just depends on what I’m in the mood for.
Black keys, Black Crowes, Top 40, Kanye West, Jack Johnson and Michael Jackson.
9.What is your Favorite Delphine design and why?
Chevron – its simple, modern & bold.
10.Name 3 things you can’t live without.
1. My Family
2. My Dog
3. My Mac… sad, but true
11.What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten? (include who it was from)
” Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain” – one of the far decent fortunes i’ve ever gotten in a cookies. I keep it in my wallet.
12.What is the latest book that you have read?
Change By Design – Tim Brown
13.What is your favorite place to eat in Charleston?
Dukes & Hometeam BBQ 
14.What keeps you going throughout the day?
Prozac and Coffee
15.How do you get past creative blocks?
16.Are you a Twilight, Hunger Games, or Harry Potter series fan?
If I’m being forced to choose, which i feel like i am…i would have to say Harry Potter
17.What is your favorite thing about Charleston?
Certainly not the drivers… I love the laid back atmosphere and copious amounts of creativity
18.What is the craziest line of text a client has ever asked for on an invitation?
nothing has shocked me yet. I think whats crazy is trying to fit 35+ lines of text on a 15 line card
19.What’s your favorite color?
It changes daily.
20.What’s your favorite movie?
Step Brothers
21.What’s your favorite book?
At the moment… Sarah’s key – Tatiana de Rosnay & Loving Frank – Nanoy Horan
Something you might not know about me are..
 ( well, pretty much everything since we don’t know each other)
22.My pet peeve.
borrowing without asking!
23.Where were you born?
Columbia, South Carolina
24.Best advice for a bride?
  Listen to our design suggestions! Quality printing takes time – order in advance!!
25.Favorite magazine?
 Architectural Digest
 26.Favorite Blog?
Delphine Ephemera… obviously and anything that gives me a chuckle.
—Sarah C.
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TSBC Paper Camp Los Angeles 2013

TSBC Paper Camp LA 2013I’ve been back from Paper Camp for about a week now and am still trying to wrap my head around all the amazingness that happened there. We covered a lot of topics: wholesale, wedding albums, etiquette and ethics, trade show logistics … the information shared was phenomenal. If only TSBC existed 10 years ago when I launched Delphine! It would have saved me so many headaches (and quite a bit of money spent on mistakes).

Lucky for all of you, Katie just announced a few minutes ago that she is releasing five more seats in the sold out Tradeshow Bootcamp webinar series that starts later this month. If you’re interested hop on it, these seats are sure to fill up by the end of the day! 

Paper Camp 2013 Los Angeles BindersAbove: the Paper Camp Binder … worth more than its weight in gold.

Paper Camp 2013 Los AngelesMissing all of you ladies so much! It was a true honor to be in the same room with all of you. XO – E.

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