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Authentic, Modern Hand Lettered Sign

Battle of Charleston hand lettered sign 2012Hand lettered Battle of Charleston 2012 Sign I’m not exactly sure what The Battle of Charleston is all about. I’m envisioning a bunch of crazies dressed up in Confederate uniforms, spitting tobacco and drinking whisky. But I’m totally intrigued and have to go check this out.

This sign is beyond amazing. It’s new but looks like it has been around for ages. It’s hand-lettered, not made to look hand lettered. Every line is a different font. LOVE! It’s nailed to the side of a shack. I saw it and literally pulled the car off the side of the road so I could inspect it more closely.


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Papercut Inspired Jewelry

Papercut Sterling Silver Jewelry by Emma van Leest for Polli

I’m in awe of the delicate detail in these pieces of jewelry. Melbourne paper cutting artist, Emma van Leest, drew inspiration from explorer’s dreams of paradise. Aussie jeweler Polli tanslated the paper cut art into fantastic stainless steel jewelry. I like the idea of wearing a fantasy around your neck: when navigating real life is a little rough, touch your necklace and dream of what could be.

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artist: jesse lefkowitz

Illustration by Jesse Lefkowitz for Washington Post

Because I occasionally outsource illustration (for Delphine stationery and for graphic design projects for clients) I am on a bunch of illustrators’ eblast lists. I consider it one of the best perks of being a graphic designer! Lots of interesting pieces of art end up in my in box each week. It’s super inspiring, and a welcome break from pharma spam and “you’ve just won one billion euros from the Italian lotto” notices.

I just have to share these awesome illustrations Jesse Lefkowitz sent me; he illustrated the chipmunk/turtle/toad one for a story about how and why animals hibernate for the Washington Post, and the money pyramid illustration for Money Magazine.

Illustration by Jesse Lefkowitz for Money Magazine/Making Money in 2011

Sidenote: I love Jesse’s bio. You should read it. And then you should hire him. Clipart: booooooo. Real illustrations by real people: yaaaaaay

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inspired by: American artist Charles Demuth

The Figure Five in Gold, by Charles Demuth (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

It’s difficult to explain, so I won’t really try, but this painting is one of the reasons I became a graphic designer. It’s a portrait of William Carlos Williams (he wrote that sweet poem about plums, the icebox and forgiveness). Every time I go to New York I make a point of visiting this painting at the Met.

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la lune et le soleil prints

How fab are these limited edition prints from Double Merrick?!? The moon print would look amazing in our son’s new grey and blue bedroom. Santa?

Inspired by vintage classroom wall charts, they have a very cool, retro vibe. Want to learn some French slang to describe something way cool? Say, “C’est La Vache!” Which translates literally to “It’s the cow!” Weird, but in French slang the meaning is “It’s so cool” (or “it’s the bomb,” or “it’s the shit”).

Scoot over to Double Merrick’s shop before all the prints are gone. Vite (quickly). It’s a limited edition run of just 25 pair.

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artist: kevin gilmore

Sachuest Point, by Kevin Gilmore

Last spring, after a loooong day at the National Stationery Show in New York City, I wandered into a wine shop in Brooklyn, in desperate need of a bottle of relaxation. Keep in mind that I had been at NSS and Surtex all week. If ever there is a place for eye candy overload, it’s at the Jacob Javits Center. Anyway, I wandered into Windsor Wine Merchants, walked past a smallish painting on the wall, then literally walked backwards and stood nose to glass, staring at this fabulous painting by Kevin Gilmore. This one foot square painting blew away everything I had seen at the trade shows all week. Just thinking of it still makes me happy.

You can visit some of Kevin Gilmore’s work (and Kevin himself, often) at Windsor Wine Merchants at 216 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn NY. Also he has a holiday show at Jessica Hagen Fine Art in Newport, RI this weekend. And you can also see some of his work at Muriel Guepin Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

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graphic art: eleanor

How cute are these birdie mugs by Eleanor? I had the great pleasure of meeting her last month at the National Stationery Show, and was totally blown away by her cute booth and her gorgeous illustrations. Of course I forgot my camera the day I walked the show, so I have no pictures. Bummer! But check out Eleanor‘s work on her Push Me Pull You site. She’s going to be speaking at the HOW conference this weekend and I so wish I could be there.


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wishing you a weekend full of pancakes

painting by Dear Weekend

Good morning, darling readers. It’s Friday already, can you believe it? This week was full of highs: I met a ton of fellow designerds at the North County Graphic Design Meetup; secured a new project with one of my favorite clients; and made time to lunch with a dear friend, to name a few. Unfortunately there were a couple of real lows, which I won’t go in to other than to mention that I had to review my old law books from Journalism school days to brush up on libel and slander. Ugh. I’m shaking it off. Don’t worry.

I have to say, though, that one of the best parts of my week was to receive an email from an old client, Elisabeth Klos. One of the many joys of working with brides is meeting brides! Last year I had the pleasure of working with Elisabeth on her wedding invitations.  She told me then that she was interested in exploring her creative side. She told me she was a painter at heart (she was working in sales at the time, if I remember correctly), and was positively itching to get back to it. Of course I encouraged her whole heartedly to pursue her passion. I’m so happy to see that she has followed through and is now painting full time! The wonderful pancake painting above, by Elisabeth Klos, is sold in her brand new Etsy shop, Dear Weekend. I hope you’ll visit her shop when you have a moment. You can read more about her technique in the shop (she incorporates collage … pieces of ingredient packaging peek through the paint).

Enjoy the weekend. Wishing you a lazy couple of days full of love, laughter and pancake breakfasts with your families and friends!

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illustrator: marcos chin

Yesterday I was at the gym and felt very much like Marcos Chin’s girl with bubble gum: in my own, fun world, with lots (surprise, Erika: it was crowded on the first Monday after the New Year) and lots of boring and serious (seriously boring, you might say) people surrounding me. I listen to my Godbrother’s iPod when I work out; he had extremely quirky and silly taste in music, which reminds me of all the fun times we had growing up, which makes me giggle out loud (and, occasionally, do a little “Drew” dance while on the cardio machines), which makes me happy that I’m in my own little world and not in boring matchy matching gym lady world. You know who I’m talking about, right? The ladies who are all over the gym lobby and locker room; they wear their workout clothes all day long; they have $100 yoga pants with a pink stripe down the legs, matching extra-clingy shirts with pink stripes, and matching nikes with pink swooshes; their hair always looks perfect even after a workout; and they never seem to sweat. Promise me if you ever see me in a matchy matchy gym outfit you torture me by making me listen to a musical soundtrack.

Ummmm… what was I supposed to be discussing here … oh, yes, Marcos Chin. His work and his philosophy about work are both amazing. He creates most of his work using Illustrator. Check out his website here, his blog here,  a nice interview with him here in Communication Arts (impressed? I am). And if that’s not enough you can watch his lecture “Pretty Pictures” at FITC Toronto 2009 here.

The work shown above is titled, “Falling off the Workout Wagon.”

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