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National Stationery Show - Delphine
Erika & John from Delphine in their National Stationery Show booth

A little about Delphine…

We love: stationery, paper, the written word, all shades of green, the sound of the surf, crepes, café au lait, weddings and the smell of the pressroom.
We’re passionate about: letterpress and good design, no matter the medium.

This blog is a spot for us to share, explore, vent, and play a bit. We cover lots of topics, including: letterpress, design, what it’s like to run a small business, what life at trade shows is like, the stationery industry, the graphic design industry, shopping, branding, travel … basically anything and everything that comes our way.

You can also find us at our letterpress wedding invitation and stationery site: www.delphinepress.com; and at our etsy shop: www.delphinestudio.etsy.com.

Most of the posts are written by Erika herself, but John and the rest of the Delphine team have lots of input (and do post occasionally all on their own).

We welcome submissions. please email your suggestions to studio [at] delphinepress [dot] com.

Thanks for visiting!


Erika Firm & John Arquette and the rest of the Delphine team

One Response to About Delphine

  1. anne meisenzahl says:

    I love this site — Olivia’s stuff is beautiful and fun and creative.
    Auntie Anne

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