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Cobalt Chic | Blue, Black & White Stripes Color Palette

cobalt blue black and white stripes color palette by Delphine
Cobalt blue always reminds me of the 1980s … in a totally awesome way. Pictured left: the rad ladies’ room at Crust on James Island; right: weekender bag by Kate Spade’s new line, Saturday, customized by me!

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Meet Sarah

Meet Delphine graphic designer Sarah Croswell
Meet Delphine Sarah Croswell1.My role at Delphine/what I do all day: 
Make bad decisions look pretty…
2.Describe why you went into graphic design.
It’s always challenging and always changing.
3.Where do you draw inspiration from?
color, other artists, the streets.
4.What would you do if you won the lottery today?
5.What is your favorite font?
It would be easier to tell you my least favorite(s).
6.How do you stay organized?
I prefer organized chaos.
7.Which super-power would you like to have.. mind reading or invisibility?
8.What do you listen to while working?
Anything Pandora throws at me… I’ve got pretty eclectic taste. It all just depends on what I’m in the mood for.
Black keys, Black Crowes, Top 40, Kanye West, Jack Johnson and Michael Jackson.
9.What is your Favorite Delphine design and why?
Chevron – its simple, modern & bold.
10.Name 3 things you can’t live without.
1. My Family
2. My Dog
3. My Mac… sad, but true
11.What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten? (include who it was from)
” Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain” – one of the far decent fortunes i’ve ever gotten in a cookies. I keep it in my wallet.
12.What is the latest book that you have read?
Change By Design – Tim Brown
13.What is your favorite place to eat in Charleston?
Dukes & Hometeam BBQ 
14.What keeps you going throughout the day?
Prozac and Coffee
15.How do you get past creative blocks?
16.Are you a Twilight, Hunger Games, or Harry Potter series fan?
If I’m being forced to choose, which i feel like i am…i would have to say Harry Potter
17.What is your favorite thing about Charleston?
Certainly not the drivers… I love the laid back atmosphere and copious amounts of creativity
18.What is the craziest line of text a client has ever asked for on an invitation?
nothing has shocked me yet. I think whats crazy is trying to fit 35+ lines of text on a 15 line card
19.What’s your favorite color?
It changes daily.
20.What’s your favorite movie?
Step Brothers
21.What’s your favorite book?
At the moment… Sarah’s key – Tatiana de Rosnay & Loving Frank – Nanoy Horan
Something you might not know about me are..
 ( well, pretty much everything since we don’t know each other)
22.My pet peeve.
borrowing without asking!
23.Where were you born?
Columbia, South Carolina
24.Best advice for a bride?
  Listen to our design suggestions! Quality printing takes time – order in advance!!
25.Favorite magazine?
 Architectural Digest
 26.Favorite Blog?
Delphine Ephemera… obviously and anything that gives me a chuckle.
—Sarah C.
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Artist Lulie Wallace

Artist Lulie Wallace Charleston South Carolina via DelphineLast night after work I popped over to Stems to see Charleston artist Lulie Wallace‘s stunning floral paintings. I think my jaw dropped to the floor when I walked in. I wanted to take them all home with me! I also really want to paint my living room that gorgeous dark emerald green color now. Who’s with me? 

Artist Lulie Wallace at Stems in Charleston South Carolina via DelLulie was super adorable and gracious. I was so focused on the paintings I forgot to snap a pic with her, but trust me: adorable. I wanted to squeeze her. 
Lulie Wallace floral paintings at Delphine studio in CharlestonYesterday I was feeling a little homesick for the bright colors of Southern California, but the exhibit cheered me right up. Lulie’s color palette seems to be pulled straight from my dreams: lots of spring green, chartreuse, yellow, peach, with a touch of blue iris  … and a mini touch of nearly neon). I have my eye on one of her larger paintings for my home, but for now I couldn’t resist a few of her smaller pieces for the Delphine studio. I had planned to give a few of these away as gifts, but it’s going to be hard to part with them.

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Oh, Charleston | Apricot and Charleston Green Color Palette

89 Beaufain Street Charleston SC Apricot and Charleston Green Color Palette via DelphineOh, Charleston. Every day I’m floored by how gorgeous you are. Loving this color palette: Charleston Green, Slate, Apricot, Stucco and Vanilla.

This house on Beaufain Street in Charleston is for sale. Buy it for me? Pretty please?

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TSBC Paper Camp Los Angeles 2013

TSBC Paper Camp LA 2013I’ve been back from Paper Camp for about a week now and am still trying to wrap my head around all the amazingness that happened there. We covered a lot of topics: wholesale, wedding albums, etiquette and ethics, trade show logistics … the information shared was phenomenal. If only TSBC existed 10 years ago when I launched Delphine! It would have saved me so many headaches (and quite a bit of money spent on mistakes).

Lucky for all of you, Katie just announced a few minutes ago that she is releasing five more seats in the sold out Tradeshow Bootcamp webinar series that starts later this month. If you’re interested hop on it, these seats are sure to fill up by the end of the day! 

Paper Camp 2013 Los Angeles BindersAbove: the Paper Camp Binder … worth more than its weight in gold.

Paper Camp 2013 Los AngelesMissing all of you ladies so much! It was a true honor to be in the same room with all of you. XO – E.

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Hello, March!

March 2013 Desk Calendar by Delphine Happy Spring Billy BallsSo March totally snuck up on me. Sorry for the lack of posts last month! We were super busy in the studio making some much needed changes to the Delphine website … it now works on mobile devices, yay!!! We also added a few new designs, including Ponderosa, which has been a big hit so far. Thanks to everyone for your support and well wishes as we prep for a super huge wedding season. XO – E.

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