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Cutest Halloween Costumes

Lizard Halloween Costume photo by Jessica Davis

I just cannot get enough of these cute little munchkins dressed up for Halloween. It’s Jessica Davis‘ favorite holiday of the year, and it really shows in her photos. This year I was chatting with her about Alexander’s costume idea, and she convinced me to make costumes for John and me, too. So I’m going to blame her for my lack of sleep as I stay up all night tonight sewing and gluing.

Strong Man Halloween Costume Photo by Jessica DavisOcean halloween Costumes Octopus Lobster and Mermaid Photo by Jessica DavisCircus performer Halloween costume Photo by Jessica DavisCowboy Halloween Costume Photo by Jessica DavisAll photos by Jessica Davis Photography.


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Copasetic | Font Geek

Copasetic Free Font via DelphineThe entire Delphine studio is crazy excited for the new Great Gatsby film. It’s Brelyn’s favorite book, and one of mine, too. I just re read it, and now I see optometrist signs everywhere.

Needless to say, in anticipation of the movie we’re getting serious 1920s fever and are designing up a whole slew of 20s themed wedding invitations. One of the fonts we’re using a bunch is Copasetic. The Art Deco style works great for our 20s style invitations. The font is free, by the way. You’re welcome ; )


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Fun Friday Wishes

Fun Friday Geometric Beach Shells via DelphineWishing all of you a fun Friday! I’m going to be working, working, working away all weekend to catch up on a few overdue (oops) deadlines. So please have some extra fun for me this weekend.


// photo: Erika Firm |  Delphine


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Meet Brelyn

Meet Brelyn Holmes Designer at DelphineMeet Brelyn
1.My role at Delphine/what I do all day:
Graphic Designer-create custom proofs for clients
2.Describe why you went into graphic design.
I actually studied costume design in school, but always had a knack for visually communicating ideas. I got an internship with a magazine in graphic design and haven’t turned back.
3.Where do you draw inspiration from?
Everything- but my background in costume design makes me look at fashion designers and fabrics for inspiration.
4.What would you do if you won the lottery today?
Start a men’s clothing line
5.What is your favorite font?
Right now..script: Aphrodite Slim Pro ……..Serif: Prestige….Sans Serif: Erik Sans
6.How do you stay organized?
I write everything down
7.Which super-power would you like to have … mind reading or invisibility?
Neither. I think people should keep some thoughts to themselves and I love to be seen.
8.What do you listen to while working?
Florence and the Machine-Pandora Station
9.What is your favorite Delphine design and why?
Meeting Street. I love the shape of the frame-very rococco
10.Name 3 things you can’t live without.
My moleskin sketchbook, chicken salad, and color
11.What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten? (include who it was from)
“Do what you love to do.”-Andrew Walker of Entropy Arts/Ensemble
12.What is the latest book that you have read?
The Great Gatsby (again)
13.What is your favorite to place eat in Charleston?
The Macintosh for a nice dinner or Fuel for casual.
14.What keeps you going throughout the day?
The Delphine Crew and Diet Coke
15.How do you get past creative blocks?
If I get a creative block, I have to step away from the project for a second (and if possible enjoy a glass of wine) then revisit it after I’ve cleared my head.
16.Are you a Twilight, Hunger Games, or Harry Potter series fan?
Harry Potter and the Hunger Games for sure!
17.What is your favorite thing about Charleston?
The culture and the community
18.What is the craziest line of text a client has ever asked for on an invitation?
When referencing their wedding attire: “like something you would wear to a fancy restaurant”
19.What’s your favorite color?
Turquoise and yellow (like Van Gogh’s “sunflowers”)
20.What’s your favorite movie?
Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola (for visual purposes only)
21.What’s your favorite book?
The Great Gatsby
22.Some things you might not know about me are …
I make handbags with Libby Ganong and Add Libb Designs, a local Charleston Handbag company
23.My pet peeve?
When people pass you on the sidewalk and do not say “hi”.
24.Where were you born?
Anderson, SC
25.Best advice for a bride?
Chill out
26.Favorite magazine?
Neiman Marcus’s “The Book” (catalog/magazine)
27.Favorite blog?
The Satorialist
// photo by Nesbitt Photography & Design
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Black Edge Painted Letterpress Business Cards

Black edge painted letterpress business cards for wedding photographer Paul Barnett by DelphineJust off press … some really cool letterpress business cards for a fabulous San Diego wedding photographer. We letterpressed the square business cards in dark black ink on double thick bright white cotton cover stock, with killer black edge painting detail. Love these!

In a previous life Paul Barnett was probably a doctor … just check out that crazy signature! Lucky for all you brides and grooms out there, Paul is living life as one of the most fabulous, charming, and super talented wedding photographers in all the land. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about his work. His sense of humour is killer, and he has impeccable timing, too. Here’s a peek at what I’m talking about:

Dos Equis Groom by Paul Barnett Wedding Photographer in San Diego via DelphineChampagne Wedding Photography by Paul Barnett via DelphineThose shots crack me up! Paul is based in San Diego, but travels far and often, so check him out if you’re looking to capture some memories.

//wedding photos by Paul Barnett wedding photography

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Porch Posies | A Pretty Fall Floral Color Palette

color palette porch posies aubergine violet chartreuse green via delphineFlowers blooming on vines that wrap around porch columns and garden trellises, flowers spilling out of planters and window boxes … these are the scenes of Charleston that never grow old. I spotted these purple flowers hanging from a neighbor’s chartreuse porch and had to sneak a photo. Aubergine and chartreuse green always hues look great together. It’s an unexpected, slightly wild, but elegant color palette for Autumn, taken right from Nature herself.

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Oh! Boy Syrup | Nice Package

nice package oh boy syrup via delphine

Oh! Boy syrup is keeping it simple and classic with its fun vintage style and primary color palette. It’s hard not to smile at that cute freckle-faced illustration!

//photo by Erika Firm for Delphine

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Emily Lime Pro | Font Geek

Emily Lime Pro font is a sweet script font that flows well on any event invitation. It’s a very readable, handwritten font that is casual and elegant at the same time. It would be a perfect font choice for any afternoon tea party or shower invitation.


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