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from the prop closet: birds and stamps

Here’s a little behind the scenes peek at a photo shoot we’re working on for the website. As you can see, I save lots of bits of ephemera, like the pretty foreign stamps that friends and family have sent me. The pretty tin bird ornament I picked up at SoLo.

Photo by Courtney Yee for Delphine.

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renovation: e+j bedroom

Yes, I know we are in the middle of renovating our son’s room (just purchased the flooring last night … install to take place this weekend … yikes!) but I just couldn’t resist tackling our own bedroom as well.

As I have lamented before, our bedroom looks like the inside of a Dijon mustard jar. I love Dijon mustard, don’t get me wrong. Just not on my walls. Even worse: the ceiling. I have no idea what the previous homeowners were thinking when they picked this paint. Perhaps, “this sandwich could use some mustard” was running through their mind as they sat over lunch perusing swatches. All I know is “barf” is what runs through my head every morning as I open my eyes and see this icky color.

What I would love my room to be is a restful, peaceful, calming place. The colors that do that for me are celedon, watery blues and greens of any kind, greys and taupes. I’m taking inspiration from my favorite pieces of artwork and the sea as I build the color palette for our bedroom.

Each time I go to Home Depot (which feels like every five minutes) I have the lovely paint peeps mix up a new test jar of paint for me.

So far three have made it onto the wall: 1. Light French Grey (Behr 720E-2); 2. Pensive Sky (Behr 710E-2); and 3. Sea Anemone (Martha Stewart MSL087).

The verdict: French Grey is too blue; Pensive Sky is too boring; Sea Anemone is too chalky. Looks like we’re headed back to The Home Depot …

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day of the dead: piensa en mi

Last weekend I celebrated the installation of Ruby Lang’s touching Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) offrenda (altar) at SoLo. This year’s altar, titled “Piensa en Mi” (“Think of Me”), is dedicated to Saba Shirazi, a friend and merchant at SoLo who passed away this summer. The altar is full of things dear to Saba, as well as traditional offerings: adorable woodland creatures, a favorite cd, pastel colored sugar skulls, fresh flowers and pretty objets d’art from Ruby’s personal collection and Saba’s shop within SoLo.

Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) is celebrated November 1st and 2nd. During this time the spirits of dead loved ones are invited to visit the living as honored guests. The Day of the Dead celebration provides a special opportunity for the living to show respect for the departed while recognizing death as part of the cycle of life.

Ruby invites the public to participate, providing ribbon and colorful paper in the shape of leaves where visitors can jot down thoughts about Saba or their own loved ones. The notes will be added to the birch altar, creating an evocative rainbow of memories and sentiments.

Saba touched many lives in San Diego, including mine. I will never forget her sweet smile and mischevious laugh, her impossibly chic outfits, or her warmth of spirit.

I encourage you to visit the altar at SoLo, where you can leave a sweet note in remembrance of Saba, or another loved one. The altar will be on display through November 2, 2010 at SoLo in Solana Beach, California.

Photos ©Delphine.

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renovation: update

Here’s a little progress report on A’s bedroom renovation. We’ve finished all the room painting, including the magnetic paint stripe, and re-hung the surfboard.

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color palette: big boy room renovation

We pulled the color palette for A’s Big Boy Room from a few of his favorite things: his “cool” jacket (from H&M), chalkboards, and the surfboard in his room. 

photos ©Delphine

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renovation: a’s “big boy” room

Our first grader has been asking for a “Big Boy Room” for more than a year now. He loves Legos, his kitty, experiments, trains, matchbox cars, computer games, and being mischevious. Two weekends ago we started the project by painting his ceiling white and the walls a medium cool grey with blue undertones.

Before: the entire room was a medium blue shade, which came with the house, and was fine for his baby-blue and white striped furniture and pale green crib.

A few things we’re keeping: his white twin bed with star headboard, Ryan’s surfboard, his armoire and dresser (though they will be repainted), the cute side table, and the star lantern. We’re losing the gross shaggy carpet, the bleached out rug, the “baby” artwork, and the curtains.

This past weekend we finished painting the room and started on the furniture. I’ll post photos soon of the progress. My favorite things so far is a big magnetic strip of paint on one wall, so A can post up favorite pictures.

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Delphine holiday party invitations

Planning a holiday party? We just released a bunch of new Delphine customizable holiday party invitations. Shown above is my favorite: Holiday Rose.

Photo ©Delphine.

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nice package: simpatico bubble bath

Sometimes (more often than I like to admit) I buy something simply for the fabulous packaging. I picked up this beautiful Fern bath gel by Simpatico at Bixby & Ball last week because I fell in love with, well, everything: the cool die cut tag, the lovely typography, the use of numerals, the fun flask shape of the bottle and the fern illustrations. Then I used it. The scent is awesome — fresh and clean, slightly medicinal. (I’m not a fan of sweet scents in the bath.) Love love love it!

Photo by Windy Dougall

UPDATE: I found the Simpatico website.

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new: delphine postage stamps

Just launched: postage stamps by Delphine for Zazzle to match Delphine custom invitation and holiday card designs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Leave a comment and I’ll post a stamp for you.

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