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cool school lunches

Our 6-year-old started first grade yesterday. Nothing makes me feel more like a mom than packing school lunches. Not taking him to the doctor, not shopping for back to school shoes, not reading bedtime stories or running a bath. It’s writing a note on a napkin (complete with hearts and drawings of kitties), slicing apples and spreading peanut butter. Sometimes I use cookie cutters to cut out cute shaped sandwiches, but the ideas in Yum Yum Bento Box bring it to a whole new level. I think it’s a brilliant idea to get kids to eat their lunches. Today my little guy’s lunch box came back with an intact sandwich (cookie and fruit rollup devoured). Maybe if I had decorated it to look like a cute little animal he would have eaten it!

THE SCOOP: Yum Yum Bento Box, from Amazon; Customizable flames lunch box (we have this one– love that the inside of the lid is a chalkboard, so I can write notes!) from Frecklebox; dinosaur cookie cutter from Williams Sonoma.

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in the press: a casual italian inspired reception

Many thanks to Weddings Unveiled for posting all about the Italian-inspired “Vino e Formaggio” shoot that Adrianne Smith and I designed (and captured stunningly by Jennifer Dery). Please head over to Completely Unveiled by Weddings Unveiled blog to read all about it. Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.

That’s my kitty, Ajax, checking to see if the cheese is ripe.


Stunning floral arrangement by Adrianne Smith Floral Design. Featuring the star of the show: gorgeous café au lait dahlias, garden roses, and oranges fresh from our backyard.

Grazie to everyone who helped with the photo shoot. You know who you are … big big hugs to each and every one of you. xoxoxo.

The Scoop: EVENT DESIGN and STYLING: Adrianne Smith ( and Erika Firm (

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jennifer Dery,

CHEESE and CATERING: Dolce Pane & Vino,  

FLOWERS: Adrianne Smith Floral Design,

MENUS and PARTY FAVORS: Delphine, 

VINTAGE PROPS: Sainte Béatrice,

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new: delphine holiday photo cards for

Sometimes I feel like Christmas lasts allllll year. The holiday photo cards I designed for earlier this summer are live on their website. I used a lot of bold color this time around, and even some black backgrounds. You can look at all our new holiday photo cards in the Delphine Cardstore holiday gallery. Let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite?

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haute off the letterpress: custom moroccon invitation

One of our lovely clients, fresh from a trip to Morocco, asked us to design a birthday party invitation inspired by photos from her trip. We worked together to come up with the perfect palette: peacock and marine blue, paired with bright white 100 percent cotton paper. We toyed around with graphics of Fez hats, moroccon slippers and lamps, but decided upon the pitcher as it was the most festive looking. My favorite touch is the patterned liners.

photos ©delphine

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a few things i have my eye on for fall

The other day I noticed that the Back To School section is in full swing at Target. I do NOT miss term papers, boring lectures or gross cafeteria lunches. But I am nostalgic for that “new beginning,” clean slate feeling of gathering new supplies for a brand new year.

These are just a few things on my wish list. After gathering them in a little folder on my desktop, I noticed that they have a real back to school vibe.

1: Paper Tweet from Knock Knock   2: Deal With This rubber stamp from Knock Knock   3: Caran D’Ache pen (in gorgeous green) from Greer   4: Apple iPad   5: Toasted Coconut Lion Coffee   6: Flea Bag from Orange & Pear.

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new delphine ink color: apricot

We’ve just added eight new ink colors to the Delphine ink palette on our website! Introducing one of my favorites: APRICOT. It looks oh so lovely paired with “classic” Delphine inks:celedon green, ciel bleu, cantaloupe and sand. It’s so summery and beachy. But guess what? I’m working on a holiday card with the ink, too!I like the retro vibe the color palette has.

Credits, top image: Cucumber Soap, Mor Cosmetics; Straw Bag, J. Crew; Striped cardigan, Old Navy; Apricot necklace, J. Crew.

Photo in Delphine photo card (Holiday Rose) courtesy of Jessica Davis Photography.

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in the press: classic tea party bridal shower

Many thanks to sweet Cyd for posting all about the classic tea party bridal shower that Adrianne Smith and I designed (beautifully shot by Jennifer Dery Photography). Please pop over to The Sweetest Occasion to read about our little adventure.

I used our new Charleston Stitch design for the invitations in our mai tai and dull silver inks.

Our sweet stir sticks add a pop of color to the table. And mmmm, those Cupcake Love cupcakes were so pretty and delicious.

I love the sweet tendrils in the centerpiece Adrianne Smith designed. So romantic, the dahlias and roses mixed together!

You can see loads more photos and read all about the inspiration on The Sweetest Occasion.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this shoot possible. Especially Jennifer Dery, who was able to capture the romantic spirit so perfectly with her amazing eye.


EVENT DESIGN and STYLING: Adrianne Smith ( and Erika Firm (

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jennifer Dery,

CUPCAKES: Cupcake Love,

FLOWERS: Adrianne Smith Floral Design,

GIFTS: Dreamy,



VINTAGE PROPS: Sainte Béatrice,

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three pretty flowers for summer (and fall) weddings

+++ POP QUIZ +++

Q: What do these flowers have in common?

a. they bloom in time for late summer and fall weddings

b. they are grown in the usa

c. they are all the same genus

d. all of the above

These are some seriously gorgeous flowers. The answer is d: all of the above. They are all Dahlias, and they’re grown in Portland, Oregon by one guy, Mark Harvey, of Old House Dahlias. In fact, he grows more than 175 different types of them. Who says Spring brides have to get all the nice flowers? Dahlias are an absolutely gorgeous choice for wedding flowers in late summer and fall. They can get quite large and are pretty sturdy (they are tuberous), so they are a great choice for the heat of late summer and early fall weddings. Just a few stems can really add some delicious color to your wedding table.

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